Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Field Trip in Istanbul to 1453

Our travels to Turkey in September 2012 went almost unmentioned here on the blog.  So, I decided to finally include pictures of one field trip while in Istanbul on the European side from G1's history notebook page this week.  Our Story of the World Medieval Times spine directed us to readings about the conquering of Constantinople by Mehmet, but we'd actually seen one of the Byzantine forts along the Bosphorus during our recent trip.  Below you see the parapets, inside the gate, cannons and chains that stretched across the Strait to the Asian fort on the other other side.  It was a wonderful visit and G1 shared personal reflections in his notebook page unlike some of the other weeks of history.  He was also able to mention the Turkish influence in Vienna after our November 2012 visit to the street that replaced the city walls Medieval Ottomans couldn't take. 

Hit this link to see what a Middle Easter Scholar Sees 1453 Image