Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Field Trip to GHC-CVG with the Whole Family

When we decided to take the last break before the end of school the week after Easter to coincide with G2's and G3's birthday, the Cincinnati Great Homeschool Convention became an attractive goal.  I made arrangements to volunteer for our family admission costs to the convention.  I'd done this here in Chicagoland at ICHE and wasn't afraid of the tasks involved.  We made arrangements to cash in some hotel points for a relatively free stay at the nearby Hilton property in Cincinnati.  We are trying to fly stand-by, but we still don't know how that will pan out until we're returned.  We researched the plan to visit the Creation Center (per Judy Hoch's advice in her February blog post), but found that without a car and an additional adult entrance fee (G1 became even more expensive), we'll pass this time. Each G is geared up for a busy schedule in the REAL FAITH for the REAL WORLD Teen Track and doesn't actually know anything about Cincinnati chili yet.  We have three different museum field trips planned and it'll be good to get to at least one of those.  Probably looking at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center or the William Howard Taft National Historic Site (so the Nat'l Park passports are packed).

I've made lists for each of our family members to visit various vendor booths while at the convention, i.e. Memoria Press and Teaching Textbooks (per Marci Goodwin's advice in her February blog post).  I seriously need G1 to have his hands on the geometry textbook in order to give me feedback.  I am going to try to teach all three on the same science curriculum so do I need 3 copies of the text?  Will I continue to use the Classical Education method for high school science and will it be hands on science?  I wanted each of my students to see the science books available to them in high school and get their input.  I'll keep Paige's recommendations about science study in mind during each science speaker I hear.  I'm taking Tina Robertson completely serious when researching the options for homeschool history choices.  I will very much enjoy meeting some of my homeschool mentors from the blog world and eat some Cincinnati chili with Jimmie Lanley.  I just love the way Amy Maze presented justification for more family bonding.  I seriously needed the encouragement that Heather Woodie promised I'd find.

So, here goes another family adventure. (Family Adventuring at "We’re not on a vacation, where we seek relaxing pleasure experiences every day.")


Judy @ Contented at Home said...

I so enjoyed reading this post! I didn't get to go to GHC this time (my husband's request), but I look forward to going in the future. I hope you got to enjoy at least one of the field trips you planned! :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks for checking out the blog. I do read so much and wonder if that's why the kids want to be on their screens so often (interesting coincidence - not). I was very pleased with chili, Pres Taft's site, the Underground Railroad Museum and Cincinnati "river walk" in general. We found a Turkish restaurant, which if you've followed anything about us, we seek Turkish food out when abroad in order to eat Turkish for turkey day (Thanksgiving).

Otherwise, the kids were very busy learning about apologetic methods from Dr. Wile and Scott Klusendorf, etc. They chased down Jim Weise b/c they've heard the SOTW recordings for so many years along with many other pieces that he's done. I was able to meet Jimmie and Amy Joy. That's weird but fun. Total strangers, but not... completely.

We're headed to PA the second week of September for a family wedding. I get to take the kids into some civil war sites. Is there a special site that you've explored with your kids you'd recommend? Or are you in a different part? I'm here in the NW Suburbs of Chicago and rarely do touristy things in our area.

Well, thanks again. I love your blog too. Always in need of a reminder what contentment is and where it is found with Jesus. For now, I'm listening to the seals pop on my home made strawberry rhubarb jam. Seriously, you can take the red head off the farm, but you can not take the Iowa farm out of the red-head. -G3MOM

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