Monday, December 3, 2007

Van wrecks over Thanksgiving travels, a wee bit of cold weather in Chicagoland, Christmas decor digout, listening to "A Christmas Carol," "Treasure Island," "Just so Stories" on audio book AND these books about precocious children enjoying art fill our past week.

Yes, there's been history, English reading, grammar and spelling lessons along with cleaning and cookie making, but math lessons make their way in the mix too.
Another children's book character to explore lately is Nate the Great. These three scholars love those stories. Soon, we may know all the books of the Bible Old Testament. Only time will tell. But we especially enjoyed discussing sleepy grammas with our Utah gramma today. We looked up the origin of "dead as a doornail" from the expressions in "A Christmas Carol" and drew a picture of Scrooge and a door knocker. Even more tomorrow...