Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring is sprung!

I just saw bulbage sticking through the frigid wet ground yesterday on the way home from piano lessons! AND, my seedlings on the grow-light table are coming along too. Well, except for the red salvia and jalapenos. I started more jalapenos in different soil and set them in a warmer location. Not sure there is hope for the red salvia. I will start zinnia, zucchini, coleus, squash and green pepper soon too. I'm thrilled that the tomato, lettuce, impatience, basil, coriander, sage and alyssum seedlings are still growing. We may even be able to work on transplanting lettuce seedlings into clay pots too.

Speaking of piano lessons, G#3 began violin lessons from someone we know from new church. He did so well and liked the 1/4 sized violin much better than my full sized one. On the cultural note, I've not done history for a couple of weeks and don't miss it one little bit. We've worked through several Magic School Bus books on Earth Science AND we're working through the Zoology I book on flying things. The kids are looking forward to the scavenger list at the end of chapter one that helps us identify all kinds of insects and birds. The 3Gs enjoyed watching several library videos about flying dinosaurs too.

G#2 & G#3 finished Explode the Code 4 today and start the next book on Monday. We're in the final 10 lessons of First Language Lessons for both first and second grades. Spelling Workout B and C are in the final 10 lessons along with Handwriting for a Reason. G#1 will finish MUS Beta for 2nd grade and it'll be easy to move him on to whatever math we choose for 3rd grade. Things are busy and my favorite part of the year is almost here, Easter!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Classical Christian Homeschooling Online Catalog: Orthography of Grammar (1-2 Grades)

As we finish the first chapter of Zoology I Flying Things, I consider that the remaining weeks of the school year leave me no other choice but to plan for next year, not buy - mind you. Just to plan. I'm am reminded by this site Classical Christian Homeschooling Online Catalog: Orthography of Grammar (1-2 Grades) and relieved for some idea of what to look for in language arts materials. Our trip through First Language Lessons will finish for G#1. I don't know much about Lexile ratings or how much he should be reading, but for now, I'm not scared so bad that I should send him back into the classroom. Dictation works, memorization satisfies and composition looms. What to do? I wonder if it's time to pray about it?