Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Extended Holiday Blogging Break

SO, we've been to visit friends working near Paris, got back to do more school and reading preparing for SOTW4 chapters about World War One, celebrated a 14th birthday, built gingerbread houses which will be decorated today - maybe, tween/teen-agers sewed their own pajama bottoms and celebrated their first white elephant gift party. We've also done a 3 Hobbit-movie-spree over the past week when our subjects were complete for the month. It's been a little busy, but there were pictures that just haven't been collaged quite yet in order to place here on the world wide web.

There was an art project done after a nature hike in a warm valley somewhere in France.
 There are lots of books available from fiction, nonfiction, juvenile or adult stacks about The Great War.  Let me know here what books you recommend about WWI.  Otherwise, we'll catch up with y'all asap.  HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Monday, November 10, 2014


Recently, I read from a post of Paige at Elemental Science about things she didn't predict as she conducted her work-at-home-mom life.  Number three on her countdown of things she wished she'd known was about remembering priorities. Well, around here, we all have differing priorities, but a few things unite us.  Music is very important here.  Reading is essential here, whether you listen on the text-to-voice kindle or read word-for-word from the screen/page.  Outside time with the lawn mower or gardening is a wonderful escape and exercise.  Lego time is, dare I say, "Holy" here.  There's a room dedicated to it, or mostly because the guest couch and sewing machine also live there.

The Mommy on the other hand continues to aim at doing the best she can with what she has. So many lessons I learned about life from My Grams who was born in 1914.  That was a tough time to be a little kid, especially one in rural Iowa amongst 8 brothers and sisters.  Their parents were first generation in the United States and the Old Folks still spoke lots of harsh Swedish over their heads. The Great War and the Depression were R-E-A-L to them and she shared so much of that with me as I was the only one of my siblings to go to get my bachelor's degree back then (since then my sister who came 20 years later has done the same as me).  I lived with My Grams in order to go to teacher's college.  And so much of that time is very evident in how I teach, guide, cook, clean, organize, drive, all of it. Waste not, want not, so don't even think you are going to get away with dawdling.

But mostly, TRAVEL IS ESSENTIAL AND NECESSARY.  It's how we think about all of our studies and church events and purchases and chores (frugal living-stewardship affords us to plan our errands to save fuel).  Band participation, science lessons each week (this can fall thru the cracks if spelling seems more important) and Bible study are those hills I'm willing to die on here at Paisley Classical Academy.  What would my kids say is the priority in their lives? Why is that what they classify as a priority? Take a minute to visit with them or a nature walk to discuss it.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Unexpected Field Trips to Review a Rain-forest Habitat

Kudos to all you teachers out there who are constantly carrying out a unit study.  But when you don't know if the Daddy will authorize an attempt at empty seats on a plane (because he works at the airline) it's hard to plan ahead for the unit study opportunity. Most often, our field trips don't relate specifically to what we are studying in history or science.  With exception, our trip last month to Gettysburg National Park came just as we finished our studies and reading about the United States Civil War, but the trip to San Jose, Costa Rice this month was an unscheduled review of HABITATS (as well as a visit to our church's international workers here).

I seem to recall from my professors in teacher's college that we, as teachers, must repeat something three times before a student will process it (even to the smallest degree) - or maybe that was in church from one of our pastor educators.  Either way, we've completed physical geography lessons from Hands of a Child regarding the (cloud) Rain-forest Habitat and visited the big island of Hawaii once to see the Hilo side where everything is lush and forested in like manner.  But we never expected to take a day trip to the La Paz Waterfall site north of San Jose on a perfect October morning with the guide extraordinaire.

We saw brilliant foliage, indigenous animals and waterfalls. This trip made an impression on my kids so that if given the choice again, they would go to the mountains before trekking to the beaches on either side of the isthmus between the Americas.  And maybe they will visit more sites in the future to make reference to their habitat studies, but that only reinforces how important it was to be intentional and make the effort to teach them nature study no matter what habitat they found themselves (irregardless of our unit study status).

Friday, September 12, 2014

Troops Investigate the Civil War

Our attempt at a unit study with mapping, book study and field trip is a success, and we've done the best with a wedding trip to the Harrisburg, PA area that is possible thanks to Dad (for going to work at the airline), Papa and Gramma for our investigation at the National Park.  Also thanks to the other Grandma for building Mom's LHOP dress that G2 got to wear.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's a Long Trek with These Troops (a 'day' in the life)

I recently posted their 8th first day of homeschooling. Their first day ever (back in 2007) wasn't such a big deal except that I didn't know so much. I was trained in secondary (junior and senior high) teaching methods. I didn't know what CIRCLE TIME was as used with elementary aged students.

So recently, I read Kendra Fletcher's directions and guides of how to do it.  She tells how to begin each day of "school" in a group with prayer, pledge and each day a separate academic lesson.  She uses read alouds during the children's history coloring book page exercise.  She helps each one around the circle understand handwriting exercises.  She also takes narration from a little who isn't able to write their version of the story on their own.  I used to pray for a quite minute to do read alouds with everyone listening to me, but my voice would give out and I'd rely on Librivox.org to read a story for me (or in the case of history lessons, Mr. Weiss would read).

In these days of hormones and sleep deprived, hungry teen/tween-agers, I do "circle time" during my car schooling sessions. That is, if we are to drive somewhere, we then bring up the chapter needed for one subject that each student shares on the kindle, then listen over the mini-van speakers to the material read by the computer text to speech voice.  We continue to use our time more efficiently, cooperating in our education as we study thus we talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up (Deut 11:19).

And the days continue along this way doing the best with what we have where we are.  Asking of each student what is left in a student planner to do each day or how better to use each hour to do each task.  I'm sure I'll be doing this for a long time yet to come whether in a circle or not.  Marching toward the goal...

Friday, August 15, 2014

How to Rally the Troops

And, as always, support independent work with discussions and follow-up in their student planners. So very thankful for this way of life and these special people.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Rally the Troops (2014-15 Week One)

Most of our friends are still sleeping in until almost noon because their classrooms aren't ready for them yet. However, we've begun our 2014-2015 school year.  Yes, it was very light work trying to ignite independence in learning.  There was breakfast, listening to The Story, (Lucado's rearranging of the Bible that we're familiar with from previous readings), math and flags.  Math is the most dusty for our Algebra 1 fellow, but he'll remember soon.  There was home economics and physical education accomplished.  Then there was the introduction of keeping a student planner (I made my own for them, but will use Dr. Bell's next year once these 3 catch on to their usefulness).

The plan for Monday morning is set.  We've chosen our history literature piece to read next; we set the flag countries to discuss; the math expectations are set; the logic text/chapter to address; and we each have a copy of The Story to continue listening too on our kindles.  

So next week we begin the Logic Stage study of Modern History in Story of the World 4.  We'll do a review of our chemistry study from last year and dive into foreign language study for the new year.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Half-way Through Summer

June is almost over. G3 was in Utah for grandparent's camp. All kids and the Mom survived church VBS.  G2 is off to Bible camp.  G1 heads to Tennessee next week for a service opportunity with our church group.  G3MOM is packed and ready for a trip to Teach Them Diligently via an entry paid by 2:1 Conference.  I then continue on to serve in an English camp in Montevideo, Uruguay.

At some point in early July and before the end of the World Cup on Sunday, July 13, I need to fly stand-by on the Other airline back to the Chicagoland area.  I will then have 2 weeks to complete the first quarter planning before our school year begins.  That'd be year 8 here on the homefront.

Below are the subjects we aim to pursue.  We'll continue notebooking through Physics from our Elemental Science work four years ago with the Noeo Logos teaching plans.  We add quizes, timelines, literature studies and hands-on activities to our SOTW4: Modern Age (1850-present day) binder.  We get to add grammar in the form of Editor in Chief program.  G2 and G3 will begin Student Writing Intensive level B and G1 will perfect this writing program with in depth research along the Excellence in Writing format.  Each student will continue in their Saxon math challenges.  Our 3Gs really enjoyed the soft pastel art lessons from Nana at HodgePodge Art and will continue those until January.  We've decided to start the third pass through each of the world's nation flags with the same continent and the same questions to answer.   G1 will continue his French studies with French in Action for the first 13 lessons this school year as a goal using the website, text and workbook.  G2 and G3 will review their First Start French materials from Memoria Press and aim to finish the entire book for the school year.  G2 is determined to continue studying German (still working on the materials for this goal), and will tackle the Greek materials from Memoria Press as well. Finally, each has their own Latin goal. G1 will continue with Logic study in The Thinking Toolbox,  and G2/G3 will work through The Fallacy Detective

G2 Math
G3 Math
G1 Math
noeo science-Physics 3BandG1 French
G2 Greek
G3 French

All three will continue studying music with band.  There are plans for G1's participation in an elementary Turkish class, but nothing is finalized yet. His goal is to be able to communicate for survival in an summer student exchange next year.  The Turkish may help him as well as his French.  Our Bible studies will follow a Community Bible Study format through the "Return to Jerusalem" syllabus.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Last Week of SOTW3 Logic Stage History Ch 38 and 42

The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child, Volume 3: Early Modern Times by Susan Wise Bauer wasn't meant to be used primarily in this Logic (Dialectic) stage. Maybe it was just a way to organize our year.  And it worked.  So, I'm thrilled. Thrilled :-)  We practiced outlining and narrations that coincide with a classical education.  We've read many historical fiction AND non-fiction that followed along with the table of contents in this spine.  It's finished, and we have grown a year older and wiser in the process.  We very much enjoy Jim Weiss's recordings as well as meeting him at the Cincinnati Great Homeschool Convention (4/2014).  

We'll continue to use Story of the World for the last year of our Logic stage history studies.  That, however, is 2 months away, and we aren't there yet.  Enjoying our summer is the next big assignment!


Friday, May 23, 2014


SOTW3CH 35, begins on page 329, entitled Mexican Independence with sections about The Cry of Dolores and the struggle for The Republic of Mexico.  Mainly about Mexico 1810 between 1822.  We UPDATEd OUR MAPS FROM GRAMMAR STAGE IN BINDERS & ADDed AN ALAMO PAGE.
Into Mexico with General Scott - Edwin Sabin
Book of Border Battles - Edwin Sabin Brave Hearts in the Alamo, Victory at San Jacinto, Face to Face with Mexico
Historical Tales - American II - Charles Morris Heroes of the Alamo, How Houston Won Freedom for Texas
Historical Tales - Spanish American - Charles Morris
From Empire to RepublicThe Beginning of the Struggle for Independence, The Continuance of the Struggle...
SOTW3CH 40, begins on page 367, about Mexico and Her Neighbor with a section about Remember the Alamo and was accompanied by a reading in Guerber's Story of the Great Republic: Ch. XXVI  The Mexican War, 1836 along with Copeland, The Story of the Alamo, Dover Coloring Book page.  
The Mexican-American War was a section with all kinds of excitement, and was accompanied with a reading from Guerber's Story of the Great Republic: Ch. XXVII  The Slavery Quarrel 1846-1848.
The accompanying KHE pages are  Pg. 342; Texas and Mexico 1835-1848, KHE pages:  Pgs. 330-331; The Arts 1708-1835. Pgs. 332-333; Architecture 1708-1835. Pgs. 334-335; Science and Technology 1708-1835. Pgs. 337-339; The World at a Glance 1836-1913.

The most exciting part of these 2 chapters was G3's reading about General Scott. He loved the Sabin book.  G2 was thrilled to make the Alamo in a Minecraft format.  

Saturday, May 10, 2014

SOTW3 References to the Dark Continent

  • SOTW3CH 36, begins on page 337, The Slave Trade Ends, The Work of the Abolitionists
  • Comments on Underground Railroad Museum in CVG (w/ pictures) and the Wilberforce movie we watched (Amazing Grace).
  • SOTW3CH 37, begins on page 343, Troubled Africa The Zulu Kingdom
  • KHE pages:  Pgs. 308-309; Africa 1700-1830
  • KHE pages:  Pgs. 272-273; African States 1550-1700

INVEST IN A BOOK THIS WEEK (Choose and report on one)
Stories from Uncle Tom's Cabin - H. E. Marshall (beginner book on kindle)
The Story of Livingstone - Vautier Golding (beginner level book on kindle about a Scotsman)
The Story of H. M. Stanley by Vautier Golding
Stories of the Gorilla Country - Paul du Chaillu (intermediate level kindle book w/ stories of hippos)
Up from Slavery - Booker T. Washington (intermediate book on kindle, read early chapters & review)
Oom Paul's People - Howard Hillegas (advanced level period kindle book w/ chapter 2 about Boers)


Friday, May 9, 2014

Considering Virtues

Wordle: Benjamin Franklin Virtues

As our CBS ended with the final lesson on Philippians, I have implemented plans for the summer Bible study.  I received a tremendous resource years ago that employed The Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett.  The book in of itself is not the Bible, but as we mull E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G over in this Dialectic stage, I want the challenge to take the stories and tall tales collected in the Bennett book and relate (debate, compare, contrast) them to the verses in the Bible concordance (I'm teaching them to use the reference tools too).  I, of course, will attempt to bring my children along for the challenge as well. The Mom at Shiver Academy already did so much of the work, I just have to get the kid copies of the books and my adult collection of the stories AND the Bible out each day of this summer to bridge the gap in what could be a lull in their maturing growth.  We've read the Bible in 90 days and we've read The Story version of the Bible by Max Lucado, so why not delve further into virtues... these three people with be paying taxes soon, so they need to know what is virtuous or not and why it is or isn't.

AND IT IS ALL TIED TO GRATITUDE.  How you ask? Well, this is where I bring in the Ann Voskamp resources that I've acquired since reading her book, One Thousand Gifts several years ago. I've followed her blog ever since.  There are monthly challenges with prompts each day to record three things we are thankful for in our lives.  This exercise combined with the reading and consideration of virtues in each story sited in the Bennett source along with Bible verses from the concordance or biblegateway.com search engine help us to practice the presence of God even when there isn't an active Bible study group over the summer.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

SOTW3 Ch 30 and 34 Topics from Latin America

We combined chapter 30, which begins on page 283, about Freedom in the Caribbean, The Haitian Revolt and chapter 34, begins on page 319, about Freedom for South America, Simon Bolivar: The Liberator and Freedom, But Not Unity.  

We read from Mr. Haaren's book about Kosciusko, Mr. Bachman's Great Inventors and Their Inventions Mr. Bell, Mrs. Guerber's Story of the Great Republic about Haiti and More Land Bought along with  Jackson Stories, and Mrs. Synge's Struggle for Sea Power about The Adventures of Baron Humboldt, The Shannon and the Chesapeake.  We didn't get to My Name is Not Angelica by Scott O'Dell Dutch Caribbean island slave revolt this time.  But explored the websites https://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/crash-course1/crash-course-world-history/you-aint-the-boss-of-me/v/crash-course-world-history-30 and https://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/crash-course1/crash-course-world-history/you-aint-the-boss-of-me/v/crash-course-world-history-31.

The Tapestry Of Grace unit about a re-written Frankenstein story (not Mary Shelley's) was very much pursued by all 3Gs.  The questions were easy to discuss in a small group last week as each student clearly felt that Dr. Frankenstein was wrong and a very sad person.  I'd never read the book, but seen a version of the story in a movie a very long time ago. I"m so proud of my kids for reading this and being clear about their views.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Logic Stage Chemistry Final Book Study

After using the DK Chemistry book (2 pages at a time each week), Mr. Fabre's Wonder Book of Chemistry, Mr. Tiner's Exploring the World of Chemistry, Hands of a Child "Introduction to Chemistry" and "Metals" Notebooking pages, websites http://www.middleschoolchemistry.com/multimedia/ and 
https://www.khanacademy.org/science/chemistry with a little CK12 Webtextbook on physical science included, this source about the periodic table with Christian faith-based topics interwoven was just the right end to our "mostly Charlotte Mason" middle school chemistry year.  We enjoyed a fabulous grammar stage course about chemistry from Elemental Science 4 years ago, and simply added to those materials in our science binder.  This course of study was not heavy on experiments unless you count the kitchen chemistry that we enjoyed eating.  The soil chemistry project commences now that we can loosen dirt from our flowerbeds in spring.  But, we've not exhausted the huge field of chemistry for these 3Gs so the rhetoric stage can delve-deep dive into extensive study in 2017 (if you can believe that).  

So, after exploring Eva Varga's post here about the Bunsen burner and reading the Elements book about Rubidium, we wrote in our notebooks about our trip last year to Germany and the University where Herr Bunsen worked was a great fit.  

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Rhetorical Question from Study in Philippians 3

How did Paul's parents feel when he called all his credentials junk? (Phil 3:1-11)  Incredulous? Hurt? Worried that he was being lead astray? Did they ever understand?

One might think such things about parents who choose homeschooling instead of classroom school away from the home.  Even my parents don't understand what was so bad about my classroom training.  After all, they say that I was on the honor roll and all kinds of band/choir accomplishments.  I had many opportunities that the classroom school provided, but compared to what my kids get today, I'm still convinced that we are doing the best thing.  But, what happens when my kids choose something different someday. Will I be like Paul's parents and freak out?  That is, I'm assuming, if they freaked out!

Many transitions are upon us as homeschooling parents, or parents in general.  We have 12 and 13 year olds here, and but for a blink of an eye they will be choosing their way all too soon (in fact, we encourage it).  The Mommy and the Daddy will need to transition along with these 3Gs.  Prayer that each chooses wisely or is able to rebound as we once did when we didn't seek wise counsel.  Are we allowed to advise these three to pray fervently/listen carefully about each decision they make?  Are we up to it?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Field Trip to GHC-CVG with the Whole Family

When we decided to take the last break before the end of school the week after Easter to coincide with G2's and G3's birthday, the Cincinnati Great Homeschool Convention became an attractive goal.  I made arrangements to volunteer for our family admission costs to the convention.  I'd done this here in Chicagoland at ICHE and wasn't afraid of the tasks involved.  We made arrangements to cash in some hotel points for a relatively free stay at the nearby Hilton property in Cincinnati.  We are trying to fly stand-by, but we still don't know how that will pan out until we're returned.  We researched the plan to visit the Creation Center (per Judy Hoch's advice in her February blog post), but found that without a car and an additional adult entrance fee (G1 became even more expensive), we'll pass this time. Each G is geared up for a busy schedule in the REAL FAITH for the REAL WORLD Teen Track and doesn't actually know anything about Cincinnati chili yet.  We have three different museum field trips planned and it'll be good to get to at least one of those.  Probably looking at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center or the William Howard Taft National Historic Site (so the Nat'l Park passports are packed).

I've made lists for each of our family members to visit various vendor booths while at the convention, i.e. Memoria Press and Teaching Textbooks (per Marci Goodwin's advice in her February blog post).  I seriously need G1 to have his hands on the geometry textbook in order to give me feedback.  I am going to try to teach all three on the same science curriculum so do I need 3 copies of the text?  Will I continue to use the Classical Education method for high school science and will it be hands on science?  I wanted each of my students to see the science books available to them in high school and get their input.  I'll keep Paige's recommendations about science study in mind during each science speaker I hear.  I'm taking Tina Robertson completely serious when researching the options for homeschool history choices.  I will very much enjoy meeting some of my homeschool mentors from the blog world and eat some Cincinnati chili with Jimmie Lanley.  I just love the way Amy Maze presented justification for more family bonding.  I seriously needed the encouragement that Heather Woodie promised I'd find.

So, here goes another family adventure. (Family Adventuring at http://t.co/J8BTsgC8bt "We’re not on a vacation, where we seek relaxing pleasure experiences every day.")

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SOTW3Ch32 Lewis and Clark

  • All Read Janet Benge, Geoff Benge.  Meriwether Lewis: Off the Edge of the Map, YWAM Pub, 2001. Off the Edge of the Map, A Fearless Young Man, Looking for Adventure, Terra Incognita AND EVERYONE WINS BECAUSE WE LIKED THIS BOOK! WHY? It has many pieces of dialogue, and we've visited some of the places that are discussed in the book. 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfoQBTPY7gk Schoolhouse rock Elbow ROom
The Opened West (http://www.lapbooklessons.com/OregonTrailLapbook.html)

SOTW3CHChapter 32, begins on page 297  

Lewis and Clark Map the West
Haaren – William Ewart Gladstone
Bachman, Great Inventors and Their Inventions:  Guglielmo Marconi
Trails of the Pathfinders. By G. B. Grinnell
The Louisiana Purchase by Robert Tallant , The War of 1812 by Richard B. Morris , The Great Little Madison by Jean Fritz bio-president during War of 1812 , Pirate Lafitte & the Battle of New Orleans by Rbt. Tallant War of 1812, The Lively Lady by Kenneth. The Incredible Journey of Lewis & Clark by Rhonda Blumberg , Naya Nuki by Kenneth Thomasma. Sacajawea’s friend captured with her ,
Zebulon Pike, Soldier & Explorer by Leonard Wibberley explored southwest 1806, Bold Journey: West with Lewis & Clark by Charl  So much good reading about this time period. We were able to do 3 books.
Tecumseh's Resistance
 How has the world transformed? Review the National Geographic Map inserted into the green book
Haaren - Count Von Bismarck
Bachman, Great Inventors and Their Inventions:  John P. Holland
Guerber Story of the Great Republic: Ch. XIV  The Gerrymander, 1809

Monday, April 21, 2014

SOTW3Ch31 The Changing World of Factories VS Jefferson Ideals

In all this reading, we learned that Jefferson didn't like what was happening in Europe during the Industrial Revolution. He abhorred what it did to the people and to the earth.  As we prepared for the readings on Lewis and Clark during SOTW3CH32, we saw the disconnect that existed in the US government between those who wanted to grow the economy with industry versus those who wanted to grow the country with more land and natural resources.
Read TOG Week 4 General Information for all Grades "Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase" p.11
TOG Week 4 Dialectic Level History Accountability Questions #1-4 & Thinking Questions 1-2 p16
SOTW3CH31, begins on page 289
A Different Kind of Rebellion
The World of the Factories
Bachman,  Great Inventors and Their Inventions:  Thomas A. Edison
The Luddites
    Homemaking with Heart
  •  Bachman, Great Inventors and Their Inventions:  Orville and Wilbur Wright
  • Guerber Story of the Great RepublicCh. XXII  New Inventions, Ch. XXIII  Whitman’s Ride, Ch. XXIV  The Mormons, 1831
  •  War Inventions and How they Were Invented   by Charles Gibson
  •  Listen on your kindle called With Lewis and Clark by Edwin Sabin. (ALL THREE WIN!!!)
  • Scott O’Dell, Streams to the River, River to the Sea about Sacagawea.  G2 Wins this one! She read the whole book and entered it on Goodreads. 

  • (the Chester Comix website has so many helps for teaching)
  • Usborne pages:  Pgs. 340-341; Life in the New Towns
  • KHE pages:  Pgs. 340-341; Industrial Revolution 1836-1913
  • KHE pages:  Pg. 327; Unrest in Britain 1811-1832

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Curriculum Choice: Bible Study Decisions

We've participated in a Community Bible Study for four years now. I've relished the fellowship with other moms, women of faith and kids.  I really know the value of well-written study questions.  I enjoy studying the same Bible chapters that my kids are reading and studying each week.
Our CBS teaching leader's graphic last week to teach about Philippians 1.
As we move forward, I'm torn between continuing with the kids in a lower level study (for their ages and knowledge) and the alternatives. But, what are those alternatives?  I'm anxious to know more about what's available beyond.  Yet another question to answer in prayer and the next homeschool conference (GHC-CVG).  

Thursday, April 3, 2014


SOTW3CH29, begins on page 275
Napoleon Comes to Power
Synge Struggle for Sea Power:  Napoleon Bonaparte, Horatio Nelson
Haaren - Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon & the Napoleonic Wars by Albert Marrin
(Hillyer) Children’s History of the World:  Ch73
Guerber Story of the Great Republic:  Ch. X  The United States Buys Land (1803)
Synge, Great EnglishmenHoratio Nelson
Henty. At Aboukir and Acre I read this and decided to pass for kids reading b/c it didn't focus on the French as much as it did a British kid and native Egyptians.

Jakob Walter, The Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier. [TRYING OUT THE TAPESTRY OF GRACE DIALECTIC TRACK]
Eugenie Foa.  The Boy Life of Napoleon / Afterwards

The Emperor Napoleon
Haaren - Horatio Nelson
Usborne pages:  Pgs. 334-335; The Empire of Napoleon
KHE pages:  Pgs. 320-321; The Napoleonic War 1797-1815

SOTW3CH33, begins on page 309
The End of Napoleon
Napoleon's Wars (And 1812, Too)
Synge Struggle for Sea Power:  The Beginning of the Struggle British Admiral Duncan defeated the Dutch in their own port. The Battle of the Nile, Copenhagen, Napoleon, Emperor of the French, The Battle of Trafalgar, The Death of Nelson, A Second Charlemagne, The Rise of Wellington

Guerber Story of the Great RepublicCh. XV  The War of 1812, 1812


In Belgium a year ago this month.
Synge Struggle for Sea Power:
The Defense of Saragoza, Sir John Moore at Coruna, The Victory of Talavera, The Peasant Hero of Tyrol, The Empire at its Height, Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow, Wellington's Victories in Spain, Spain for the Spaniards, The Fall of the Empire, The Congress

One Of The 28th - a Tale of Waterloohttp://librivox.org/one-of-the-28th-a-tale-of-waterloo-by-g-a-henty/

Guerber Story of the Great RepublicCh. XVI  “Don’t Give Up the Ship”  1815, Ch. XVII  The Star-Spangled Banner, Ch. XVIII  Clinton’s “Big Ditch” (1825)