Monday, June 22, 2009

We've prepacked! AND Tonite we Repack

I learned a long time ago, there will be plenty of cheap sweatshirts if it gets cold - case in point: New Light tour to the West in 1986. We had 3 free days during each tour and the day I remember needing a sweatshirt was July in San Fransisco. I've never forgot that lesson and always pack extra wind gear for that city.

Also, there will always be something to eat - case in point: the peanut butter on my 1994 trip to Istanbul was totally unnecessary. Once I tried the fresh bread and then found that the wine went well with the bread, there was very little peanut butter consumed that summer.

If I run out of skiveys, I will have dry Tide soap to wash out my things in the bathroom of whatever hostel I end up in for a two night stay - case in point: three nights on the 5th floor of a hotel overlooking the Black Sea in 1997. Plenty of clothes hanging all over the room, but lots of wind to keep me cool and dry the clothes.

So, while packing, I keep in mind that the Dramamine for G#3 is quite necessary and will not be shed during repack, but the box of ring pops may not have to be so lustful. Every piece of clothing I'm taking can be worn with one pair of blue Birkenstock that will allow me to get on the plane standby, maybe even in business class. AND, the walkie talkies are going with us in place of any more of my shoes so that I can plant one on each kid and one for myself in case they get separated from us during any of the shuffles.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

While painting,

I'm listening to Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall from It's quite British and I'm to the part that coincides with Cadfael mysteries when Maude feuds with Steven. Next comes Maude's son Henry who is played brilliantly by Peter O'Toole in the The Lion in Winter. Too bad I can't home school with historical cinema...

Mommy's painting and kids are VBS daycamping

And then there was rain...

Ironically, G#3 read Cloudy with a chance of meatballs for reading time.

G#2 is reading a science Lets-Read book about dinosaur footprints in the mud.

Only G#1 reads from the Kidsboro series without rain mentioned.

MacBride Raptor Center on a beautiful day

Didn't spend much time except to introduce the birds to our Aunt who accompanied us to the lake for a hike. We enjoyed few bugs and lots of sunshine near the water.

Iowa Softball Lessons

So much has changed in the rules pertaining to high school women's softball that I hardly recognized it and it was necessary to have a knowledgeable translator to explain so much to me. Our dear cousins played in 6 games while we visited and it was a joy to share that part of their activities that we'd not been able to do for 2 years.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Homeschool conference mission accomplished!

Well, the 3Gs got to all their appointments for Thursday and I got the Daddy to the Illinois Christian Home Educators' conference. He enjoyed the two speakers he heard in the breakout sessions as well as Mr Tedd Trip in the opening session. We've been through the book, Shepherding a Child's Heart several times with different groups and really appreciated his presentation. We ran into people we knew from ten years ago while living in Omaha. That was a real treat, because her children are not that much younger than mine and she has an education background as well. I enjoyed hearing Jeannie Fullbright speak about choosing curriculum.

I got the Daddy his coffee and fed him well as he took business calls during our supper there at the mega-church where the conference is held. THEN I took him into the vendor hall! Talk about deer-in-the-headlights look... I now know how I looked last year when I was there for the first time alone. WOW! We refrained from so many impulse purchases and made solid, well-grounded decisions about purchases we would make on-line before school begins in August. If you want to get a wee bit of a glimpse as to what I'm referring to, there is a blog that shows many pictures that I recognize from our visit yesterday.

I'm thrilled that the girls from New Church could be with my kids and that my boys were able to ride along with another soccer mom to the last practice of the season. I got plenty of information and re-invigorating ideas about the new school year. I'm not stressed anymore.. well, for at least a few weeks I'm not stressed that is -- until our trip to Turkiye soon.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

National Park vacations for us may wait

"WASHINGTON - The National Park Service is looking to stimulate summer vacations at national parks.
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced Tuesday that entrance fees at 147 national parks and monuments — including the Grand Canyon and Yosemite — will be waived on three weekends this summer. The weekends are June 20-21, July 18-19 and August 15-16."

As per the MSNBC article, I'll have to remember not to try standby on these weekends to areas where National Parks will get free entrance fee attention.


Did you know that there is a reading program for the summer from 1/2 price books? We'll work on that one AND the local library's reading program.
Last day of soccer and coach's party so we all signed his card. Then last day for cub scouts and enjoyed a bonfire and pool/sand party.