Sunday, July 29, 2012

If you could study one thing all year long...

G#1 is at AWANA camp, but G#2 says she'd study art or math. G#3 says he'd stick with spelling or math.
Don't be deceived, I'm not deleting science or history for either. But, is there a way to teach  either with math, spelling or art? Yep, & I'm almost ready to start their 6th year of home education. Very soon.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Science is EASY in Summertime

I've mentioned that these 3Gs studied science and history TOGETHER during the grammar stage even though they are 16 months apart in age.  That means many times they were able to divide and conquer my attentions, divert me from the topic, and in order to manage the "classroom," I followed many of their RABBIT TRAILS. I didn't take elementary teacher training. The secondary methods I learned were very different from what was necessary when dealing with these three, young, bright children.  So, many of the topics in our first/second grade study of earth science and astronomy were not covered at all.  They picked up the concepts through osmosis and acquaintance with other lessons, but simple experiments that many others might do just didn't happen when there were so many other topics to cover. Plus, I was a little obsessed with their sitting at desks.  Their little bodies just didn't sit well for long enough duration to watch the vinegar dissolve the seashells. Even today as we watched the seashells dissolve, there were many other events taking place concurrently. 

My 3Gs are traveling and involved in many activities this summer. Each is being blessed by an individual's week with the Utah grandparents.  There was vbs at our church for a week and drama camp at another church for a week.  There was an experience for one to do a culinary camp and another to do an art camp with friends.  There are visits with friends, library reading time and swim time. There is an opportunity to visit the Iowa grandparents for a county fair experience.  Rarely are all three children here together during the summer.  I wanted to do a little school during the summer which included math practice and science interactions.  My goal was to work through simple Janice VanCleave Earth Science and Astronomy experiments as far as possible because there won't be time to try any of these during the school year with Elemental Science's Logic Stage ESA.  I LOVE Earth Science and Astronomy. I'm delighted with how it relates to other studies and how the topics are ever present in daily life.  I endure discussions of my three tween children in order to persevere for science experiments.  It's so worth it when they share what they saw with each other as one travels away.  They will refer back to some of these experiments we are attempting even if it's not all 101 ideas from the book.  And, it isn't torture to do a simple experience with household materials for a few minutes each day that may even be individual work causing more pride in their own work.

Are you trying any school this summer? Are you in a hurry to start the next school year?