Monday, December 16, 2013

SOTW3 Chapters 15ac and 16

SOTW3Chapter 15, begins on page 141
A New World in Conflict
War Against the Colonies: King Philip's War
Marshall – This Country of Ours:  17. How the Redmen Fought Against Their White Brothers 1619-22
28. How Maine And New Hampshire Were Founded 1629-49
29. The Founding of Connecticut And War With the Indians 1636-39
30. The Founding of New Haven 1643?
31. The Hunt For the Regicides 1661
32. King Philip's War 1675
Marshall – This Country of Ours:  18. How Englishmen Fought a Duel With Tyranny 1624
Suggested Reading:  Calico Bush by Rachel Field 1743 French bound out Servant , The Cabin Faced West by Jean Fritz Penn. frontier after the war & before Constitution , Man with the Silver Eyes by Wm. O. Steele 1780, Quaker & Indian boy, Struggle for a Continent the French &
(Hillyer) Children’s History of the World:  Ch68
Haaren - William III, King of England
Guerber Story of the Thirteen Colonies:  King Philip’s War,
Ch. XXXVII, King Philip's War 1675-1678,
William Penn's Holy Experiment
Night Journeys by Avi (Penn, Quaker family)
Guerber Story of the Thirteen Colonies:  William Penn,
Ch. XXXIX, Penn and the Indians, 1660-1682, 1682-1703, Maryland,
Ch. XL, The Catholics in Maryland, 1629-1729
KHE pages:  Pgs. 302-303; North America 1675-1791
KHE pages:  Pg. 279; The Spanish Succession 1701-1713
KHE pages:  Pgs. 280-281; Colonial America 1600-1700
SOTW3Chapter 16, begins on page 155
The West
The Universal Laws of Newton and Locke
Marshall – This Country of Ours:  21. The Story of the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe 1700-1705
Haaren - William Pitt
Longitude, the true story of a lone genius who solved the greatest scientific problem of his time by Dava Sobel (story of John Harrison, English Scientist)
Guerber Story of the Thirteen Colonies:  George Washington,
Ch. LI, Washington’s Boyhood , 1642-1687. 1732
Scientific Farming
Haaren - George Washington
Stumps, Grunts & Snickerdoodles, What Colonial America Ate by Lila Perl
Guerber Story of the Thirteen Colonies:  George Washington,
Ch. LII, Washington’s Journey, 1701-1710. 1751-1753, George Washington,
Ch. LIII, Washington’s First Battle 1754
Usborne pages:  Pgs. 314-315; The Age of Ideas
KHE pages:  Pgs. 268-269; The Age of Reason  1600-1750. Pgs. 306-307;
The Age of Logic 1700-1789
Usborne pages:  Pgs. 336-337; Changes in Farming
KHE pages:  Pgs. 294-295; Agricultural Revolution 1650-1800. Pgs. 282-283; The Arts 1601-1707. Pgs. 284-285; Architecture 1601-1707. Pgs. 286-287; Science and Technology 1601-1707. Pgs. 289-291; World at a Glance 1708-1835
NOTEBOOK PAGE ABOUT Reading we did get done:

Monday, December 9, 2013

SOTW3 Chapters 14 and 17 + Field Trips = Thanksgiving Fun

SOTW3Chapter 14, begins on page 135
The Rise of Prussia
Frederick, the First Prussian King

Haaren - Frederick the Great
SyngAofE:  The Boyhood of Frederick the Great

John Finnemore. Germany (Kindle Location 765). Heritage History. I got to read this whole book, while the kids read bits and pieces.  I enjoyed standing in the Heidelberg Castle infamous during the Thirty Years War and understanding what it meant to be a red-head, farm-girl from Iowa wandering up the Rhine River near The Black Forest.

Haaren - Sobieski
Guerber Story of the Thirteen Colonies:  New England,
Ch. XLV, Charter Oak, Germany, 1679-1718, 1701, Salem,
Ch. XLVI, Salem Witches, 1692

SOTW3Chapter 17, begins on page 165
Russia Looks West
Peter the Great
Haaren - Peter the Great
SyngeAoE:  How Peter the Great Learned Shipbuilding
 (Hillyer) Children’s History of the World:  Ch69
Guerber Story of the Thirteen Colonies:  Ben Franklin,
Ch. LIV, Stories of Franklin, Russia. 1706-1790, 1682-1725

Peter's Port to the West
 SyngeAoE:  Charles XII of Sweden

Usborne pages:  Pgs. 316-317; Changes in Russia

KHE pages:  Pgs. 276-277; Russian Expansion 1613-1725. 
Pg. 278; The Great Northern War 1700-1721
1672, Peter the Great is born
1682, Peter the Great becomes the czar of Russia

Attempts at Outlining SOTW3 Chapters 14 and 17

This is my amateur attempt to prepare an outline that these students could use to organize the information, and they might ask some why questions while learning during the early modern history course this year.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Periodic Table Chemistry Study - Logic Stage Week#15: Halogens

Completed Week of Chemistry study the week before Thanksgiving as follows:
Tiner, Exploring the World of Chemistry, Chapter 9: Compounds by Electric Attraction p.70
Sketch Nitrogen cycle with examples from p.26 of Carol Baldwin's Nonmetals
Define Diatomic gas?  What are the elements in the airline oxygen supply?   
Relate that to DK Chemistry pages 30-31 and laughing gas with which elements? 
Tell me as much as possible about Phosphorus and Sulfur from pages 34-35.
Describe the importance of Halogens from pages 36-39

Note: There are lots of websites noted here, but all are exposed under the direct observation of the Mommy. We're still working on wise choices around here.  One video source that is always allowed comes from University of Nottingham. They are spot on in keeping even me learning about Chemistry and liking the process. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Geography of Germany: Maps & Research

G#2 labeled the states and rivers of Germany
before doing on-site research in Heidelberg, Germany
and Strasbourg, France

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Field Trips Rock!

No, we didn't fall off the face of the earth. Yes, we did school including SOTW3 Chapters 14 & 17 as well as Logic Stage Chemistry about Halogens prior to leaving for the trip.  But, better than that we experienced and discussed Louis XIV and the Prussians along with "states" of Germany, and who the Fredericks of Prussia and Brandenburg were.  We visited the castle in Heidelberg where Frederick brought his new wife, Elizabeth Stuart (greatgreatgreat something grandmother of the George III who dealt poorly with American colonists during Revolutionary War), the daughter of James I (King James Bible guy).  We walked where the 30 Years War took place in the 1600s.  We relished the unique environment of Christmas Markets while exploring how cormorants dive forever in the frigid, eddying waters of the Rhine River branch that surrounds the Grand 'Ile of Strasbourg.

So, now we recover from jet lag and ignore the evening hours b/c we're temporarily ALL morning people around here. We put together a gingerbread house for the first time, and fill the new Advent calendar before Advent ends. We find the Christmas tree and let kids decorate b/c it's their turn again. We put away all the clean laundry from the trip and plan our Christmas shopping and recipes for treat plates to share.  Thanksgiving trips are a blessing and we wouldn't miss this opportunity for family trips to worlds where we'd never dreamed were possible to reach before the changes of 2006 & 2007.  We look forward to time with other family and friends during a time of the year when all are blessed by a 2000 year Blessing.