Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tell tale signs of autumn

Pumpkin spice latte is back, but it just didn't taste the same. It's nippy and moist in Chicagoland and I'm still drinking coffee, but maybe not a 5$ calorie laden cup of spiced latte anymore. Maybe it's my affair with my favorite tea, but maybe I've out grown the pumpkin latte. I'm anxious to save money for the Thanksgiving trip to Europe/ Asia Minor, but you'd think I could justify how much I deserve a decent latte. I went on a date to a new mom/pop Italian place on Friday night for a few hours with a stop at the bookstore to put my hands on travel books for Bavaria and Cappadocia, but waited to buy my choices on Amazon today. I'm even saving money for the trip by reading a kids' mystery series from the library instead of buying them or renting movies to fill my entertainment budget.

The series, btw, is called The Roman Mysteries, and I love it! I found it by searching for juvenile Roman fiction at the library. I made the kids listen to one of the books on the drive back and forth from Iowa. I started reading another book in the series to them out loud, because the library doesn't have the audio for it. But now I've read ahead and am on the next book. I made the Daddy read some to the kids (he's the expert in Latin btw). The story discusses a time period that I'm very interested in about the early church. The sermon today at New Church started a series on The Acts of the Apostles, which of course, delves into my favorite part of the world apart from Central Texas and western Iowa, that is Turkiye.

So, the rain stopped and the temperature is dropped. I've added a blanket to the beds and pulled out the cold weather clothes. I'm busy ripping up the carpet in the living room as the dining room is finished. The wood flooring is available for pickup anytime I'm ready to go up there and pay for it. I've contacted some people who are experts with power nailers, but in the mean time I'm set to prep the floors with black paper and the insulation level with a staple nailer. Soon the 17 boxes of flooring with arrive to set for 3 days and be power nailed by someone. Pray. Yep, I'm not big on asking for help and locating day labor. I will wait on the Lord according to His plan, but in the meantime to prepared for whatever He delivers.

And, btw, home school my kids, be a soccer mom, a gymnast mom, a piano lesson mom AND an AWANA mom all at the same time.

Monday, September 8, 2008


We got to do the first soccer game on Saturday morning and then drive to the Iowa City area. It's good to see corn fields! High lights for the weekend were riding bicycles in the culdesac at our uncle's house, enjoying all kinds of activities at the Iowa Children's museum benefit called "move it, dig it, do it" and visiting with maternal grandparents on Sunday for grandparents day. Thursday we get to visit with our paternal grandparents. It's good to get away and drive to the country every once in a while.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Wiggles

We got the wiggles and giggles today. Can't help it. The breezes are cool and the windows are open. These three Gs are playing tag with their game hats pulled down over their eyes. Yes, they are crashing into each other and the laundry that I'm trying to finish. The oldest was outside for a few minutes to help with the recycling and got stung by a bee. No, he didn't die, but you'd think that was the most severe pain he'd ever knew in his life.

I'm also, between officiating independent work and laundry, trying to create a chore/work chart. The file from currclick created at is full of just the right icons and tasks. These three children will someday need to keep track of their work as adults in an organized manner, but for now, the organization charts for school and chores will let us all know what is done and what is remaining to do.

BTW, maybe you could check out the article on msnbc about globe trotting kids. It's from an article in Forbes magazine. It would be wonderful to raise kids who lived in this world and knew how to navigate/deal with this world, but not of it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We didn't get away for the weekend, but...

My goal was to get in the minivan and drive away from Chicagoland, but we didn't. Friday we ate Mexican that was ok. The menu was fish-based and there weren't many choices, but what we ate was not fish and very good. Our little Eeyore finished a goal card and was rewarded with his choice in the Lego section of Target. The little girl decided she would finish her goal card and get an Easy Bake oven. Well, Saturday we still didn't drive away, but did get to the lumber liquidator store for, yes, the dining and living room floors. The decision was easy, but the move was labored. It will get more difficult to finish the payment and pick up the 17 boxes of pre-finished handscraped wood floors, but exciting. I get to rip up carpet! The 30 year old carpet is going the way of all things!!!

We stopped by a packed IKEA only to disappoint the children and find an even more packed kid's play place. They had to shop with us. We quickly found the pot rack, paid and got out. They were rewarded to play with their neighborhood friends once we returned home. Sunday we got to church and then later I accompanied the family to the pool. It was a bit disappointing that I still didn't drive away from the city, but got to watch my kids play blissfully in the pool. Eeyore did a belly flop from the high board which taught him a world of wisdom instantly. The little Pooh girl is holding her breath for at least 7 seconds each time she goes under water to play. AND Big brother is constantly looking for more adventures (wonder where he gets that from?).

Monday we stopped by the 1/2 price book store sale and found a cd-rom chess game with Lego characters, a recorder for one, a castle book for another and I just enjoyed the romp even though we didn't drive away from the city. BTW, I'm praying about spending next June and July on a farm somewhere. Anyway, I got to witness something amazing after returning from Target with the little girl. She did finish her goal card and did request an easy bake oven. BUT, I got away with granting her request for baking mixes and promising her a toaster oven she can take away with her to her own home some day. So, she did make her own 1.25$ cookie last night in the grown up oven and enjoyed it very much. I've promised her the mixes from the baking aisle at the grocery that cost less per serving for her next baking adventure. Wow, she'll be grown up soon!