Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pinewood derbies and bitter cold

I've never attended a car race. Well, there were the crash up derbies at the county fair in rural Iowa, but this pinewood extravaganza - well, I was impressed. The cars were prepared to perfection by children and daddy, then weighed to specifications. The actual race was electronically timed and photo-finishes projected on the screen up on the gym wall. Our mechanics didn't win anything special, but had a blast in the process. Next year, I'm told, things will be different with the addition of LED lights and fancier paint.

Everyone survived another week of lessons and bitter cold weather trapped inside. Now we're off to Gramma and Grampa's in Utah. There is hope for the ski trip on Sunday with Aunt and Uncle. We intend to explore the Discovery Gateway and learn even more about the human body with sesame street. There aren't many seats in first class left, but hopefully we'll nab a few for the four of us somewhere on the plane. Go Utes! Here we come!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Make Way for Ducklings

Did you ever consider how stressed those two ducks were when they looked for a proper home for their chicks? I feel years slip from my life everytime I set out on the drive to Daddy's work where we p/u the shuttle to O'Hare. We get to security after stopping at the necessary room b/c it's been 1.5 hours since we left home. As I watch my chicks handle security with all their coats, backpacks and booster seats like pros. Decide which area we need to head to for the gate (God forbid E or F in a short time period, or either end of C for that matter). We get settled at the gate area and wait for announcements of who gets stand-by seats. By then, I'm at least 20 years older - or at least I feel it. When we do get the news on seats yay or nay, a little life rushes back through me, but there is also the other end of the flight. I'm boosted when I see my three chicks handle first class and shmooze the uptight flight attendant who has had their fill of painful children. It's worth every second of the transport when I get to watch my children's faces and hear the words of support from around us and approval. But the stress is weighed against the thrill of travel every time I decide to spirit them on the wings. I can truely relate to those ducks in this story book who finally decided on a pleasant island in Boston's urban area. I don't wish it were easier, but I do wish I didn't feel such stress in getting them across town (with nary a grid pattern street to be had) or across country. It's the expedition that teaches us all.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow and snot, but let's read a book

Hey, Alice in Wonderland was fun/ weird, but done and now it's Black Beauty. Got the idea while in Chick Fil a TN where the kid's meal included a condensed version of the same. Number One enjoyed it so much. And I'm a sucker for a horse story anytime any place. It's that whole farm girl thing... So, we're more than half way done with reading for the year and will broach the precipice of same with math. Discussion of reptiles is underway and listening to a kid's story about a private eye named Chet Gecko reinforces my attempts in two ways. A trip to the aquarium is still on the calendar soon. We are getting to some lessons in Story of the World that I'm looking forward to; i.e. Phoenicians, Assyrians and Babylon again. Once we get to Greeks it's all down hill toward summer.

Speaking of summer, Dora gardener in the house helped me plant globe amaranth and two colors of alyssum 2 weeks ago. Those are now ready to transplant into plugs which all three junior gardeners roled from uncolored newsprint. Many other seeds were started yesterday while the three were working on AWANA Pinewood derby entries. AND prior to shopping for the superbowl gorge, Daddy registered little boys for park district soccer.

Tomorrow is a visit to the dentist for a field trip. I keep praying for a kid-friendly family dentist on our dental plan. I've already tried 2 different dentists. This third one should be the charmer. Then a playdate for our little girl. I get to visit with the mom too, so that's cool. More piano lessons for Number One who isn't hating it completely. Doesn't hurt that the family where he takes piano also has a drummer and a huge drum set to mess with each week. Plans are in the works for a late February trip to Utah and a national park or two. We'll see how the wind blows.