Thursday, March 20, 2008

WOW! A month is flown by...

We did get to Utah for skiing at Brighton and time with our almost two year old cousin, her parents and grandparents. We explored the SLC children's museum, U of U natural history museum and planetarium in search of information about the human body unit we will wrap up soon. Our young lady lost her first tooth quite bravely on the plane and we kept it so that the tooth fairy would come to visit -and the fairy made the trip to our house that night. We get by with piano lessons, shoots and ladders game and nature hikes with Ranger Kev (pictured). Tomorrow though, a lake effect dump of snow will diminish our beautiful Springtime Easter. But, there will be eggs to hunt and ham to eat and a Savior to worship!
Soon another trip to SLC for more time with Gramma and Papa. Then maybe another hike in more canyons. Mom and Dad will try to hop a long weekend flight to Amsterdam to celebrate 10 years of marriage. And, we'll keep doing our school work because that's the best way to drive mom crazy is to test her teacher training everyday.