Here you'll find links to materials we've used simply identifying the fact that we're rooted in the Well Trained Mind camp no matter if it has "enough Bible or not."  We've been praying about what materials to use over the past seven years, and these were the pieces that have made up our homeschooling puzzle.  If there are inefficiencies in the curriculum, God finds a way to plug the holes.  He's good at that, even fixing the teaching style and structure quite often as well.

We homeschool because we prayed about it, asked for godly counsel and that's when we jumped off the private Lutheran school train for G1 a few months into his 1st grade year.  We homeschool because the Daddy works for the largest airline in the world and we can take low cost field trips that include planes.  We homeschool because we want the best for our kids and this individual attention is often how their "buckets are filled."  We want our children to know, love and serve a RISEN SAVIOR.  We've seen how direct teaching methods using their own learning styles allows them to display godly character.  And, we encourage our children to reflect our love of learning in their own lives.  Turned off the cable, purged the extra stuff and learned to pack for a lifetime of learning.  It's a good thing.

Curriculum for 2014-2015 8th and 7th graders doing modern history and physics.
Curriculum choices for 2013-14 with a 7th & 6th graders (early mod-USA history & Chemistry)
More ideas for 2012-13 curriculum (5th-6th grades medieval/earth science astronomy year)
Ideas for 2011-12 Curriculum (4th-5th grades ancients/biology year of logic stage)
Curriculum for 2010-11 kids were 3rd-4th grades in final year of grammar stage
Curriculum for 2009-10 kids were 2nd-3rd grades in early modern times/chemistry year of grammar
Curriculum for 2008-09 1st-2nd grades in medieval/earth sci astronomy of grammar stage
Grammar Stage Astronomy with Jessica Feliciano’s lapbook (she’s from the defunct Notebooking2Learn Yahoo group) found on http://www.hslaunch.com/mypage/file/801 BRILLIANT LAPBOOK MATERIALS!

OUR FIRST YEAR OF HOMESCHOOLING kindergarten and first grade
Kids to London, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Rome, Berlin, Munich, Montreal, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, Brussels, Bruges and Prague! You betcha. Along with a bunch of places right here in the United States of America (ORD, PHL, BOS, DCA, TYS, DFW, OMA, CID, MCI, WIT, SFO, N.C., SLC and HNL)

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