Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Goodbye Elk Grove Pool

We've enjoyed finding this pool since last October when the homeschool kids' swim lessons ended and the teacher advised we do more swimming for ENDURANCE. So, when the director of the facility gave our homeschool group the resident rate, we snapped up the opportunity to spend more time at the pool during the winter months.  The pool is in the right direction for us on Tuesdays and sometimes on Thursday, but our kids decided that the summer pool experience that they traded for winter swimming was tough.  You see, their friends visited our nearby pool more often than we could without a pass.
This coming summer we will spend the swim fees on a summer pass to the 2 nearer village pools instead of the year-round pass to the distant village pool. These three will get to swim in December for sure and maybe some in the late winter, but they continue to gain ENDURANCE while exercising elsewhere that can only support their swim skills. Very glad for the time we spent in the pool over the past year. FUN FUN FUN!