Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Break

Yep, we've taken a week off! Believe it!

G#1 did a wonderful job at his part in the church play! He also enjoyed another birthday.
Everyone joined in for serving the neighborhood and nearby villages with our fellow BCJesus dudes. G#2 and I sang carols in nursing homes. The boys enjoyed other fun activities that evening. 
G#3 finally got a rc helicopter and loves it. His Christmas was thoroughly fulfilling, until
we saw TinTin last night with paternal grandparents and a few friends. #3 is becoming such an insightful fellow and continues to challenge me as well as the Daddy.
The Gs and I finally got to the pool for a second time this month and it was good.
The house got a facelift and it is much tighter, trimmer and a different color on the outside.
I'm enjoying the IEW 12 Days of Christmas. Thank you to IEW

Not much snow yet, but my kids are outside playing and inside playing. There was a moment for finishing the children's version of the Iliad story by Mrs. Sutcliff called Black Ships Before Troy.  Now the same author's children's version of the Odyssey is open and being read here too (The Wanderings of Odysseus).  G#1 finished Saxon 5/4 math triumphantly and is ready to dive into Saxon Math 6/5 when we get back to studies on Monday, January 2nd for week 19 of our school year.

Good bye 2011 - It was a fun visit.  Hello 2012 - I'm looking forward to what's ahead.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today's Status

Every lamp shade is off kilter. Isn't it time for a grandparent to visit?

The outside of this house is turning from worn brown/orange to blue. Is it time to clean inside for a grandparent visit?

Such trivial things to worry about cleaning and lamp shades when a friend in Omaha is having heart surgery today. I know their family is in that house caring for them and nobody cares about the lamp shades or cleaning or color of the siding.

My sister is interviewing for a job with insurance and other benefits today.  She is more worried about how she appears, her answers to their questions and her performance at the temp job for them than some lamp shade or siding color.

Friends both here and in Kansas are dealing daily with CANCER, and they REALLY don't care about lamp shades or siding color.

So, we pray for the heart surgeon and their teams to do their job.
...We pray for the interview to be the best she has ever done.
...We pray that the friends ENJOY a day with the struggle, because it's a new day.
...We pray that the people we don't even know will find the invitation to our church's Christmas service and come and be blessed by a joy UNDENIABLE with goose bumps for reasons that we certainly understand.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Caught Reading

Black Ships Before Troy, The Librarian Who Measured the Earth, and Highlights Magazine; it's ALL GOOD!