Monday, January 14, 2008

Travel Awaits Us

We passed up the trip to nature hike Timber Ridge in order to meet Grampa at the airport and jet off to visit AMSE Oak Ridge TN this week. Well, we've done a little school work what with reading, grammar, spelling (#1 is doing a brilliant job - wonder if it has to do with his voracious reading and great memory???). We've finished listening to the Hobbit and are doing ok to narrate what happens in each chapter while listening to Alice in Wonderland. Math isn't so bad for each and all are familiar with the books of the New Testament now. Again, the oldest has memorized them. But the others will soon. We've done some finishing touches on huge word search exercises that helped test the northern and southern border states and capitols. All that was in preparation for the eastern Tennessee trip. We are continuing the initial year of life science study by reviewing exactly how to classify five types of animal groups. Fish were finished today. It helps to get a big shot of science at the museum this week.

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