Thursday, July 24, 2008


  1. Yep, I've made 2 versions of this bread recipe in 2 weeks. Mega dietitian diva from Mennonite Pennsylvania Dutch heritage is such an amazing source of inspiration. This week it took the form of foccacia bread. Last week is was two loaves of beautiful bread. The recipe is called OATMEAL BREAD. It is as follows: combine 1 c quick oats, 0.5 c whole wheat flour, 0.5 c brown sugar, 1 T salt, 2 T butter and 2 c boiling water in food processor. I cooled to luke warm. I dissolved 1 pkg of yeast in 0.5 c warm water and added it in too. Then stirred in up to 5 c of white flour or as needed. When dough is stiff enough to handle, I turned it out onto floured board (I love my kitchen counter) and kneaded. I placed it in greased bowl, covered and let rise until doubled. I punched it down and let rise again. I shaped into 2 loaves the first time and into a greased jelly roll pan the second time. I let it rise again and baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 30-40 minutes. I had to keep the crazies away long enough for it to cool on a rack. Then we cut into it and slathered generous helpings of more butter. This recipe originated in Manheim Pennsylvania, so is quite authentic.
I'm also considering the example of Kansas IT farmboy and his wife, supermom, to get a toaster oven because of its multitasking uses. They can host and they can prepare food for kids and parents alike at their house, so I'm sure that their choices of kitchen tools are ones to be considered seriously. You know, Alton Brown supports multi taskers and I often go to his books for wisdom.
We're off to the county fair tonight to see Steven Curtis Chapman. But first a stop at Whole Foods for superior granola and a stop at the nearby office store for school copying jobs. It's just around the corner ya know. Less than 10 days away. We're set to put the hitch on this van tomorrow in order to hook up the bike carrier for longer bike rides. That's when we get to stock up at the nearby Sam's for food that can accommodate our home school hectic, stressed-mommy schedule. More on those recipes later. But maybe a hint at one of my favorites, that is instant potato soup. I make a double recipe in a large container and mix 0.5 c of mixture in cup with hot water when sugar levels are low. 2.5 c instant mashed potatoes, 1.25 c powdered coffee creamer, 1 packet chicken gravy mix, 2 t salt-free Mrs Dash seasoning, 2 t dried minced onion, 2 t chicken bouillon granules & 0.5 t pepper.

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Rhonda said...

Hi, I just found your blog! I like it. I also would like to get a toaster oven. I think it would cut down on my time on things.

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