Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Wiggles

We got the wiggles and giggles today. Can't help it. The breezes are cool and the windows are open. These three Gs are playing tag with their game hats pulled down over their eyes. Yes, they are crashing into each other and the laundry that I'm trying to finish. The oldest was outside for a few minutes to help with the recycling and got stung by a bee. No, he didn't die, but you'd think that was the most severe pain he'd ever knew in his life.

I'm also, between officiating independent work and laundry, trying to create a chore/work chart. The file from currclick created at is full of just the right icons and tasks. These three children will someday need to keep track of their work as adults in an organized manner, but for now, the organization charts for school and chores will let us all know what is done and what is remaining to do.

BTW, maybe you could check out the article on msnbc about globe trotting kids. It's from an article in Forbes magazine. It would be wonderful to raise kids who lived in this world and knew how to navigate/deal with this world, but not of it.

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