Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Utah wins!

All 3Gs and the Daddy skied again and won! For the 3rd year in a row, our uncle has taken the children up to Brighton to ski. It was a good experience again. AND the weather this year was perfect! Last year it was a blizzard and we almost got stuck up there!

In this picture you will see my 3Gs digging patiently in the Dig Quarry for fossils at the Museum of Ancient Life. We also thoroughly enjoyed the Erosion Table wet sand play. The big take away from the trip was the hips of dinosaurs differ from reptiles. It was a wonderful collection of ancient life displays.

When we weren't able to leave SLC as scheduled, we took a look at the IMAX show about the International Space Station at the Clark Planetarium. I was so excited to see how this field trip wrapped up the Apologia book about Astronomy! The children had been there before and were excited to introduce me to it too.

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