Friday, June 5, 2009

Homeschool conference mission accomplished!

Well, the 3Gs got to all their appointments for Thursday and I got the Daddy to the Illinois Christian Home Educators' conference. He enjoyed the two speakers he heard in the breakout sessions as well as Mr Tedd Trip in the opening session. We've been through the book, Shepherding a Child's Heart several times with different groups and really appreciated his presentation. We ran into people we knew from ten years ago while living in Omaha. That was a real treat, because her children are not that much younger than mine and she has an education background as well. I enjoyed hearing Jeannie Fullbright speak about choosing curriculum.

I got the Daddy his coffee and fed him well as he took business calls during our supper there at the mega-church where the conference is held. THEN I took him into the vendor hall! Talk about deer-in-the-headlights look... I now know how I looked last year when I was there for the first time alone. WOW! We refrained from so many impulse purchases and made solid, well-grounded decisions about purchases we would make on-line before school begins in August. If you want to get a wee bit of a glimpse as to what I'm referring to, there is a blog that shows many pictures that I recognize from our visit yesterday.

I'm thrilled that the girls from New Church could be with my kids and that my boys were able to ride along with another soccer mom to the last practice of the season. I got plenty of information and re-invigorating ideas about the new school year. I'm not stressed anymore.. well, for at least a few weeks I'm not stressed that is -- until our trip to Turkiye soon.

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