Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We do more than music and art, but...

G3 has finished 100 songs in his book and G1&2 are enjoying lessons with a new teacher (I'm thrilled with this woman's style of teaching!). We've discussed The War of the Roses in History and the Princes in the Tower. Columbus is ready for Monday which is perfect since it's his day. Isabella and Ferdinand plus the Portuguese Henry were this week's subject and did well to teach us where the origin of knots in identifying a boat's speed came from in history. MathUSee is progressing to the stage where Saxon2 lessons are interspersed without problems for anyone. Art is wonderful as our clay projects dry and we paint them with tempra on Friday. Chemistry is dwelling on Alkali Metals and Hydrogen. The desert habitat is fun when we get to identify and describe plants from that landscape. Spelling is regular as well as FLL reading, but G2 finished a mystery book from the American Girl series without problems and has started Eager Star from Tyndale House. Both boys are enjoying Kidsboro books for individual reading and don't want to pass those books along when they are done. Bible study with Acts in CBS is very helpful. So, all in all, we are enjoying the onset of Fall and the matching smiles as seen in the next picture.

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Love the smiles, can't wait to see them in person.

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