Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chemistry of Main Earth Metals with 2nd and 3rd Graders

We love the way that the Elemental Science Chemistry lessons are coming together by using Fizz, Bubble and Flash. The experiments for demonstrating Main Earth Metals like Calcium with hard water bubbles were easy once I found the plaster of paris at the hardware store (I've plenty PofP left for our next project). Our Bismuth used as an anti-acid lesson developed a knowledge of acid and bases is not pictured, but I was a little worried about the staining power of that vegetable. I actually had the support through this lesson to make my own indicator with red cabbage and conduct the lesson. The lesson came off well showing a pink glass of lemon water and blue glass of baking soda water. I still have a quart jar of red cabbage indicator if anyone is needing it. Maybe I'll use it in a spray bottle to decorate snow someday. HA!

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Pylegang said...

Looks like you've done some super neat science experiments. I've looked at Elemental Science several times. Your blog posts make it VERY tempting for me! My youngest son would do experiments every day if I had the energy. Love you snow decorating idea. I bet your girls would get a kick out of that. Happy Thanksgiving!

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