Thursday, December 17, 2009

Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare!

Finally, we're almost done with SOTW2!  I've taken 2.5 school years to get my rhythm for history and I'm finally ready to begin SOTW3. So much amazing stuff wrapped up in all this! Slow and steady is so much better than non-existent and halting.  You see, there are usually 2 or 3 segments to each chapter. We are now taking one segment, it's narration and it's activity guide questions along with a coloring page/ map page/ cut-paste memory cards as the first group activity each day (right after breakfix and Bible study).  I review each chapter with them on the 4th or 5th day from the SOTW test booklet.  I haven't done very well nailing art the past two weeks. We had such an awesome visit to Rome and looked at Michelangelo’s work that I just haven't done he and da Vinci justice.  I also realized that I may not be addressing enough of the music in history segments we cover.  So I googled Elizabethan composers. I will suggest more work on Medieval music and da Vinci science tomorrow because it looks like a light school day. 
Science was a hit with the introduction of NON-METALS! My kids are getting used to the notebook format from Elemental Science for Chemistry. They also enjoyed the experiement this week with yeast, sugar and a balloon-ed bottle to demonstrate Carbon's presence.  We showed the Daddy a video about Carbon and giggled through another about Helium.  Otherwise, it was a good week of Christmas preparations and Advent observations. G2 finished Math-U-See Beta and will move onto Gamma multiplication with her brothers.  G3 is reading Swiss Family Robinson and enjoying all the construction taking place on their island.  G1 is beginning the final book for our adventures through Explode the Code. And we're all getting used to Heelys which arrived from one of the grandmothers yesterday.

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