Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer of History

My plans to work through math and foreign languages along with history didn't work out. BUT, we are finishing SOTW3 with a summer study of American Colonies and Revolutionary War. We listened to "This Country of Ours", "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin" (for the mommy), "Our Island Story" (pertenent USA chapters) from for free. We were able to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Then recently we visited the Freedom Trail in Boston.

In the later city, the USS Constitution was a hit! I was able to find Liberty's Kids videos at 40% off and we're watching them while waiting in Chicagoland for the next field trip. My kids are doing a valiant job coloring the Dover pages from Colonial and Revolutionary War books. We're reading dozens of books about the Revolutionary War. Lastly, our G2 is enjoying the Felicity books from the American Girl series about Colonial Williamsburg.(Pictures of 3 generations at Old North Church)

Stand-by travel is never free or easy, but useful while home educating these little people over the summer!

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