Monday, January 10, 2011

Physics: Gravity

Egg Carrier

Somewhere in this container is a raw egg straight from the carton.
We discussed the pull of gravity and how well the egg was insulated
from damage by packing peanuts and paper packing.  The first 2 tries
saw the egg completely safe from an 8 foot drop onto a tile floor.
The final try was exerted with a major force from the same 8 foot
drop and the egg broke.

I remember this same experiment from the 3rd floor fire escape of my
junior high building during my senior year physics class. I was one of
the last competitors to keep the egg unbroken. And I loved the
fun of it!  My 3Gs had fun with this for only the thrill that mom would
allow them to use a real raw egg to do this experiment from the
Elemental Science Physics for the Grammar Stage materials.
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