Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chapter One SOTW Logic Stage Ancients

This link to study about Catalhoyuk is cool.  I promised to take them there someday.   I've been missing Turkiye and desperately need practice in making kofte.

Synge is more interesting that vanLoon or Gombrich. Even listening to Dr. Bauer's SOTW chapter was better to G#2 than the evolution from vanLoon or Gombrich. I told her it'd get better when we got to more interesting stuff about Ancient Egypt in Tales of Ancient Egypt.

Mapwork for this chapter was fun because we got to add physical features to the trip that Abraham took along the Euphrates with Synge. Again, saves these people from having to work too hard on history.

Art history with Mrs. McCoy at Harmony Fine Arts is good for us because we got to check out Susie Hodge's book from the library. We visited the Lascaux cave website to learn more about the art. The project for last week was to draw on brown paper bags. This week we spray paint over our hands onto a brown surface. Somebody said that this kind of art resembles my directions to do stuff.

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