Thursday, September 1, 2011

Egypt in Ancient History

Ok, I tried to encourage the children to read this book by Mrs. McGraw, but the language wasn't very easy to get past.  It's not King James Version, but it is different from their normal historical fiction reading.  So, I've been reading it and narrating the story to the kids. They are listening to the Cat of Bubastes by Henty and are enjoying the tale, but they also like my telling the what is happening to Ranofer too.
We've read about the deciphering of the Rosetta Stone also. There are many notebook pages with photographs from our field trips to the British Museum to see the ancient relics up close and personal. But more about their notebook pages later (mommy does the happy dance).  I've not built the Nile River suggested activity from Story of the World, but it may still happen over the long weekend.

Everyone is getting along better with brief sentences about our history sources.  On the Shores of the Great Sea is a favorite.  Story of Mankind is ok for them.  Of course, SOTW is a repeat, but they still are getting a well rounded perspective. A Little History of the World may be lagging behind, but it may be because I scheduled the chapters in the wrong order. Mine is not an exact science, but I did try to keep everything coordinated.

The book called Prehistoric Art by Susie Hodges was a good add for us and we look forward to a later one of her books, but the Eyewitness book on Ancient Egypt is scheduled by the Harmony Fine Arts plans and that's what we use to discuss the next phase of ancient art.

Trying to get to the end of and the challenges involved.
Ok, time to read more about the Golden Goblet.

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Jimmie said...

I love Eloise Jarvis McGraw. She also wrote Moccasin Trail, a fave in our home.

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