Saturday, November 19, 2011

Uh Oh

I was putting away my school materials for the Thanksgiving week of travel, and found this. I have been starting seeds and buying flowers for science lessons.  But as I looked at the next lessons in order to prepare for what comes next in science, I found the need for earthworms and a optional dissection of a sea star. GREAT! I said to myself, I have those in the box from the vendor. Except, as I opened the box I see these pieces are not individually packaged. I don't need all of these specimens in the same week. Thus, I now need formaldehyde and a storage solution for those that are not used immediately. YIKES! Did I mention that I was a GEOGRAPHY/GEOLOGY MAJOR!!! My confidence level just took a dive... and now I'm ready to give up. But there is hope of some dissection expert in my future. I just have to find the means to preserve the specimens for my 4th and 5th graders to OBSERVE for Elemental Science Biology.

Happy Thanksgiving this week and I'll gladly post some pictures if we make it to Montreal and Quebec City, but just remember me in December managing this dissection conundrum.


Paige said...

Since they are already preserved, you should be able to place them in a plastic baggie and still be alright for several months. You may need to add a storage solution, aka rubbing alcohol, but you should not need formaldehyde. I'd probably check with the company you ordered them from to make sure, but the baggie trick is what we've always done. Hope that helps!

Robyn said...

I trust what Paige said, or I'd just move up the units where you need the other specimens for. I'd just open the package, do what I need to do with the creatures and be done with it! Hmmmm... I saw the frog dissection but not these other creatures... I must have missed something!

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