Monday, May 14, 2012

Update from April and May 2012: N.C., science w/ bones and band concert

Elemental Science Logic Stage Life Science brought us to a lesson on the human body about skeletons.  My kids were fascinated that I found chicken bones, because I don't usually serve chicken on the bone.  We talked about how the bone reacted to the differing conditions in the experiment. 

The home school band concert for the end of the school year was so well done!  Each G participated to some degree or another. They like band or at least the opportunity to socialize at band each week. One enjoys the percussion section and moves around like a man on a pogo stick. The next is in a very supportive flute section, but can't hear herself play.  The last doesn't think he does well playing the clarinet, but he does play well according to the clarinet people I've met and consulted with. Either way, this experience helped them grow a little each week throughout the year and we plan to continue in the future with a few tweaks to our system.

Our April adventure involved a trip to visit family who live on the Atlantic Coast in North Carolina.  There was so much oceanography involved on the first day when we spent time on the beach that I couldn't even admit it was time to leave. Dolphin, brown pelicans dive fishing, hermit crabs, jelly fish, drainage patterns, turtle sanctuaries and more. We visited to the USS North Carolina Battleship too.

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