Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So important to understand from what point you are seeing things. Webster's defines perspective as "to look through, see clearly, aid vision."  Reading glasses help me see clearly while the Bible aids my vision and how I see things through my reading glasses.

What are you reading that helps you see "things" more clearly?  Will it help you reach the answers to your questions?  Is it a window that is treated with color or pattern?

We are beginning the Logic Stage Medieval / Earth Science-Astronomy year of the classical education pattern.  After reading some stories about Beowulf, do you understand better why people do things the way they do? Fear. Honor. Pride. Necessity. Classics are good for bringing these perspectives to light.  So glad my kids are reading and talking about what they read.  Simply filling in blanks of a worksheet just won't do the learning job now.

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