Friday, August 16, 2013

Week One Wrap Up (7th&6th grades)

We began this week with a clarinet lesson for G3 which accommodated the carschool component of outlining the history chapter in Story of the World:  Early Modern.  We reviewed the role of Creation from the recording of the Introduction.  Prayed and commenced with a review both SOTW Ancients and Medieval. 
SOTW3CHChapter 1, begins on page 15
OUTLINE Chapter One from Text and carschool recording.  (Pictures of outlines in a later post)
World of Empires
The Holy Roman Empire
(Bachman) Great Inventors and Their Inventions:  John Gutenberg and the Invention of Printing
Guerber Story of the Thirteen Colonies:  Ch. XVI, The Fountain of Youth, 1500-1600
·      PAST FACT:  1555 - The Peace of Augsburg allows each German state to follow its own religion Charles V relinquishes the title Holy Roman Empire Philip Il inherits the throne of Spain from his father, Charles V.  1556 - Ferdinand I, Charles's brother, inherits Charles's lands and title
·      FAST FACT:  1637, The Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II dies
Stories from Pilgrim's Progress.   by Mary Macgregor USED WITH TEACHER’S GUIDE
What was the inquisition?
The Riches of Spain
Synge Awakening of Europe:  How the Trouble Began, The Storm Bursts
Stories of Don Quixote James Baldwin (G1) & Margaret Hodges adaptation (G2and3)
C.F. Horne Greatest Nations – Spain, “Spain under the Hapsburgs.”
Marshall –Our (An) Island Story:  ch. 71 How England was Saved From the Spaniards (1588-9)
Guerber Story of the Thirteen Colonies:  Ch. XVII, “The Father of Waters”, Spain. SA gold.  1555-1598
·      PAST FACTS:  1598, Philip II of Spain dies
Usborne pages: The Power of the Habsburgs Pgs. 308-309; Pgs. 320-321; Early Settlers in the Americas. KHE pages: Pg. 222; The Hapsburgs 1273-1556    ; Pg. 220; The Conquistadores 1519-1550. Pg. 221; The Spanish Empire 1533-160

Everyone read about the topics from the Kindle and wrote one sentence narrating the topic.  There were videos online that we projected up to the big tv and completed the quiz from SOTW publishing. The SOTW3 Table of Contents is my guide for arranging further readings from Heritage History sources including Mrs. Synge's version of Story of the World that comes in volumes we've used.  This week we used her Awakening of Europe volume.   
 We were able to listen to a little of Pilgrim's Progress and watch it from the web to answer a bit form the teacher's guide I collected somewhere.  This takes the place of a Bible study until AWANA and CBS begin in September.  But, I'm encouraging G1 to memorize Psalm 78 verses 2-8. 
Math and grammar were carried on as usual. Spelling was held for G2and3, while G1 reviewed French lesson 1 and Latin lessons 1and2.  Art, Flags and Habitat came off relatively well.  State study began for everyone from materials produced by Knowledge Box Press and a text book I collected from somewhere too.  Logic lesson one from Fallacy Detective went well with G1, and I was grateful.
Chemistry study for science went well as they READ and SKETCHed a RESPONSE in their notebooks. 
They read How Science Works: Matter, chemicals, Solids, liquids, gases.  They also read in their
Kindles:  Wonder Book of Chemistry, Chapter 1 (Introduction) & Chapter 2 (Mixing & Combining) and reflected on what Uncle Paul taught his nephews. It reminded each of my kids about different memories and made it real.  They completed parts of the Handsof a Child Notebook with questions from the section called Intro to Chemistry:  Define: Chemistry, element, compound, molecule and Matter: What are the three different forms of matter found on Earth? All of these pieces are stored in our ELEMENTAL SCIENCE CHEMISTRY binder which was begun 4 years ago with Paige's excellent grammar stage materials.  (BTW, I'd already bought so many things prior to the Logic stage materials being released this week, that I couldn't justify adding more and removing some of the reading/ philosophy materials I already had from the science plan.)  So, we finished off my making a few notes from the DK Chemistry pages 6and7.  Last night we were able to watch some Khan Academy videos on Chemistry and youtube/education videos about kitchen chemistry with The Daddy. The websites with simple information were
G2 conducted an experiment about matter and wrote her report along the lines that Paige from ELEMENTAL SCIENCE has taught us.  G3 conducted his experiment along the kitchen chemistry format with making granola. He enjoyed recording his results while munching on his freshly made granola recipe from Alton Brown and so did The Mommy. G1 made dinner on Monday evening and we ALL enjoyed his work.

It was a tough week as we tried to get up earlier rather than starting the day after morning tea time. But, by Thursday after a youth group ice cream event for the twins, things went much better. I'm still glad we homeschool today as I post this weekly update. That's saying quite a bit.

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