Friday, October 11, 2013

Week Nine of Logic Stage Third Year Homeschooling by Us

Science in a Charlotte Mason fashion lead us to:

Tiner, Exploring the World of Chemistry Ch 3: The Search for Gold elements and atoms    18
Kindle:  Wonder Book of Chemistry, Chap 15 (Air and Combustion) and Chap 16 (Rust)
Hands of a Child Notebook with questions, Read Type of Metals and Metal Ages
·         Define:  Pure Metals, Alloys, Hemoglobin, Anemia, Rust, Extracted, Annealing, Corrode, Tarnish
·         Activity 4 – Types of Metals: An investigation into the Alkali Metal Group was conducted.
·         Activity 5 – Table of Metals:  We are collecting data about metals from the periodic table.
·         Activity 6 – Pure Metals:  This is basically an experiment testing the magnetic properties of coinage.  We put the Daddy's collection of pre-Euro European coinage to the magnet and determined that three-quarters of these coins were non-magnetic (and a surprising number were).  And everyone cheered that no one was injured in the process of actually learning. (green mega magnet and coin collection)
DK Chemistry pages 20-21

Our Classical Approach to History continued as follows:
topics subtopic KHE UILE Synge AoE, SfSP & GoBE Haaren LHW date event Guerber: Story of the 13 Colonies & Story of the Great Republic
Chapter 8 81 The Middle of the East  The Persian Puzzle 1629 Shah Abbas I of Persia dies Pilgrims, Ch. XXX, The First American Thanksgiving, Thru 1629
The Ottoman Turks Pgs. 266-267; The Ottoman Empire 1602-1783 Pgs. 298-299;
The Ottoman Empire
1623 Sultan Murad IV comes to the throne of the Ottoman Empire Pilgrims, Salem, 1628, Ch. XXXI, The Snake Skin and the Bullets, 1623-1683
Chapter 18 175 East and West Collide  The Ottomans Look West Twice Pgs. 175 – 178; The Ottomans Look West – Twice The Siege of Vienna by the Turks Sobieski,
Louis XIV
Ch32 Meanwhile,
looking Eastwards
1683 Turks at Vienna

LHW = Little History of the World by Gombrich (which we tend not to use that much, but this chapter was very helpful.)

To those of you who are familiar with The Story of the World by Dr. Bauer, these sources will be on your shelf. Otherwise, this may tell you that we are discussing Things Ottoman this week, and that makes me very comfy based on my crazy familiarity with Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies. 

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