Saturday, December 7, 2013

Periodic Table Chemistry Study - Logic Stage Week#15: Halogens

Completed Week of Chemistry study the week before Thanksgiving as follows:
Tiner, Exploring the World of Chemistry, Chapter 9: Compounds by Electric Attraction p.70
Sketch Nitrogen cycle with examples from p.26 of Carol Baldwin's Nonmetals
Define Diatomic gas?  What are the elements in the airline oxygen supply?   
Relate that to DK Chemistry pages 30-31 and laughing gas with which elements? 
Tell me as much as possible about Phosphorus and Sulfur from pages 34-35.
Describe the importance of Halogens from pages 36-39

Note: There are lots of websites noted here, but all are exposed under the direct observation of the Mommy. We're still working on wise choices around here.  One video source that is always allowed comes from University of Nottingham. They are spot on in keeping even me learning about Chemistry and liking the process. 

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