Saturday, February 7, 2015

Physics Study with Logic Stage Electricity Materials

These are the materials that have worked well so far with the Logic Stage study of Physics.  Not every part of our Noeo curriculum has gone smashingly.  But with the addition of massive quantities of snapkits, we've been able to increase the pursuit of science this school year.  I've added an electricity unit from CK-12 physical science textbook in order to strengthen reading comprehension that may aid when taking CLEP or other standardized tests required in high school and college.  This latter addition has not been easy, but my troops appreciate it more than the amounts of writing required by the aforementioned requirements.
The main win with the lesson plans I bought for physics study was the use of Tiner's The World of Physics.  The main deterrence to the plans were the lack of an answer key, which disquieted my troops at times to the nth degree. SERIOUSLY!  We've been adding notebook pages to sections in the Elemental Science Grammar Stage Physics study from four years ago which did have defined expectations and was comforting as well as thorough.  But, because the logic stage materials won't be available until this fall, I went with this option instead of a total text book curriculum that is popular within conservative homeschooling circles.  The final transition for these 3Gs is the issue that I'm not doing demonstrations anymore as I did in the grammar stage science materials.  Each of my logic stage students must complete their own experiments and writing individually.  Incredible amounts of weeping and gnashing of teeth have been exhibited (not really), but each is "owning" their study with differing levels of interest depending on the sections in our curriculum to date.  So, I'm hoping with the upcoming study of magnetism and then light that there is better participation and more epiphanies that take place (or at least less tween angst).  

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