Monday, October 22, 2007

I let them paint...

Really I did. I put the regular school paint set in front of them with real paint brushes from the artist section of some craft store. They picked one color each and drew circles, squares and rectangles. We drew faces on each shape and made them into animals and people after the paint ran out, but it worked and no one got hurt. HA! I first had to let them have scissors, then markers and now paint and no walls were trashed in the process. There are truly miracles in parenting when something like that happens.

Well, the principal and classroom teacher know. I pray that no bridges are burning, but it's almost real. I sure pray this works. It's time to live my faith in order to set the example. I'm not playing teacher or mother or housekeeper or dietitian or friend or wife, I'm living it. Not on my own, but still... here it goes.

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