Monday, October 22, 2007

We've been busy...

Yes, no excuse except that life keeps us busy. Old news: twins finished their soccer season in fine form, much improved; I painted in Iowa City for a weekend; twins go their school pictures taken; our first field trip about pumpkins; #1 got a trip to Laser Quest for a friend's birthday party; the guest/ kids' bathroom is painted; the laundry room is revamped and painted; the 1st grade curriculum is ordered and on it's way for a beginning date of November 1st; "new church" is welcoming, sincere, vulnerable and becoming "home;" and summer clothes are going into storage. This week is a nature hike with the county nature preserve organization and a trip to the mall to meet a Turkish friend and her son. #1 has a field trip about pumpkins this week and his last soccer match. We appreciate his coach and the style of instruction so very much as #1's skills and responses continue to improve on the pitch. Since I wrote last, I've given away the Incil that I've carried around for over ten years to a lady whose Turkish dad may want to read the New Testament in Turkish - whoohooo! Now, I've got to find new Bibles in Turkish b/c I keep meeting Turks in Chicagoland.

First full week of November, barring all bad weather and ill health, we're on our way to ORD for a trip to MCI. #1 will be homeschooling by then and is anxious to visit Kansas friends after being gone since last December. I've got other plans too, but we'll see how it works out.

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