Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another Good Week

Well, what a week. I admitted that a trip to the doctor was in order and I even told them exactly what I wanted and where to send the prescription. If only I could raise such decisive children. Hmmm, maybe I have. The kids enjoyed the nature hike in a prairie today. An original prairie, we were told with ant hills and a variety of native grasses. There were non-native species as well and the children did a brilliant job paying respectful attention even though it was a bit brisk for the two hour hike. We saw a wooly bear caterpillar, a horsetail rush, goldenrod wasp gall, mink scat, grassy burrows, a vernal pond and played hide and seek in the tall grass (which nearly scared #1 out of his shoes). All the while today, our life science journals expanded with entries and sketches of each prairie item we encountered.

Treasure Island is catching on and the drawings these three drew of Long John Silver were priceless. We may finish the audio book tomorrow, but we'll never eat fish and chips the same way again. Each visit on Friday night dinners out must always include the durge, "fifteen years on a dead man's ship, ho ho ho and a bottle of rum." HA!

Spanish vocabulary is expanding as well as English reading skills, so we may start #1 soon on his Latin curriculum. It's an eight hour drive to Thanksgiving Dinner, so that'd be as good a time as any. Van gogh's Starry Night is done quite differently by each of my three artists, but still equally as fascinating. Addition is very important these days, because these three can do it outside while climbing the crabapple tree :- ) Geography study was enhanced as we discussed the story "Make Way for Ducklings" and identified some physical features of the Boston area (from satellite images and simple maps) as well as habits of ducks to molt etc. Finally, we may soon get a handle on the order of books in the OT and #1 may recite the Apostle's Creed by the end of the year (because he's a bright one he is - the pirate accent is difficult to translate in writing). ;- )

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