Monday, November 19, 2007

Saturday Museum visit

The little girl's favorite part of the Saturday visit to the Museum of Science and Industry was the IMAX show about sea monsters of the Mesozoic Inland sea of North America - or how film makers and archeologists believe it to have been. My favorite part of the visit was the exhibit on Star Wars, and I'm not even that fond of the movies. I enjoyed watching the children and Daddy explore the science behind the scenes. We got to see other things too like the gears in the Green stairway and the heart display on the top floor. The kids begged to spend the food time near the ball which "rolled" down the slopes of the Alps. It was also fun to see the Farm Tech display and watch the Daddy race to clean and set the milker on the fake cow's udder! Yep, I deleted the picture to protect the innocent though.

We're looking forward to Thanksgiving and seeing family in Iowa. I'm curious if my kids are growing old enough to not kill each other in the back seat during the 8 hour drive... to be continued - I hope

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