Saturday, October 11, 2008

True Women Galore!

While attending the True Woman conference in Schaumburg Illinois this week, I made some observations about the 6000+ mommys in the room. 99.9% believe you when you say that comfy shoes are better than heals while attending a conference. There were so many women and so little room on the conference hall chairs. I will be more exact and say that the conference chairs were not built for child-bearing hips sitting in a row. Simple as that...

I enjoyed hearing Dr Piper, Nancy Leigh Demoss, Mary Kassain, Karen Loritts, Holly Elliff, Devi Titus, and to some extent, Janet Parshall. I'd heard everything Mrs. Parshall said while listening to the Revive Our Hearts podcasts, so it wasn't that earth shaking. I met ladies from California, Chicago, Kansas, Missouri, Maryland and everywhere (except Vermont and Hawaii). There was a huge group from the Dominican Republic. I needed this time and now...

I have to pack for the attempt to get to SFO with Daddy and the kids. Take care :-)

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