Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week Ten Complete!

And, today is the last day of boy soccer. It's a bit brisk out here in Chicagoland, but those kids are determined to hold up their end of the team this morning and then go to the coach's party at McD. Later, the older boy is doing his part for the scout troop at school/church And then we all go to eat spaghetti at a fundraiser for the babysitter's high school band. I've added a picture of our bike trip last week in the woods and would have had the boys on bikes too if it weren't for the fact that they are fast. They'd already rounded the corner before we could get them in the picture.
Our babysitter has spent over 2 years in Germany and helped us with a lapbook study that we started yesterday. Some of the other Notebooking2Learn moms recommended that I teach the kids a few key phrases and their numbers. So, since Daddy and I had a date last nite and the babysitter was coming over anyway, she got to let them hear the accent and all those consonants in each word. HA! German is new to me and it'll be interesting to see how things go come November.
This week we got the little boy's staples out of his head where he'd been hurt on the SFO trip 10 days ago. It was a great trip to the doctor's office for him. Also, all three kids had a spectacular trip to the dentist who does such a wonderful job with them. No cavities AND loose teeth where they are supposed to be AND front teeth just below the surface finally coming in to a cheesy smile. JOY!
Everyone is very excited about halloween this next week and I'm excited that it's not snowing yet ;-)

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