Monday, May 11, 2009

More planning for next year...

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"Notebooking" is a term used to describe the process of creating a written and illustrated record of learning. Unlike other methods of education which are based on consumable workbooks and texts. Notebooking produces a journal of past educational adventures, which can be added to whenever additional learning takes place. Notebooks are a great way to review information and are an excellent way to share your learning experience with others. You can make your notebook from any kind of paper and use any kind of notebook to keep it in- a spiral bound notepad, a three ring binder, a scrapbook. You can even bind your pages into a book or do them on the computer. You can make your pages from scratch or start with premade templates. The possibilities are endless.
Contents at a Glance
1. Things To Put In A Notebook
2. Subjects You Can Notebook
4. What Does Notebooking Look Like?
5. Ways To Bind Notebook Pages
6. Educational Scrapbooking more...
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