Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's been a few weeks...

Well, if it wasn't the blocked kitchen drain and subsequent 300$ plumber visit, it was the new Wii game that the boys bought that distracts us from the blog. Star Wars the Saga is a compelling entertainment for brisk summer days, but still there is our own saga of travel. So, we'll commence to telling y'all the story and not share as many pictures as were taken (the pictures are free, it's the editing and purging that is not free, but time consuming). The themes are not daily, but by overwhelming epiphanies that struck both the daddy and me along the way. He'll write some of it, but I get to edit once again and pass it along to y'all. Enjoy. BTW, still no pool pass yet as the water is just too cold, but a violin lesson keeps G#3 busy and reading contests at the library and 1/2 price book store keep them occupied for 15 minutes at a time. There was the opportunity to sign up G#1 & G#2 up for fall soccer and the pursuit of tennis for G#3 who seems quite compelled. Any ideas? Did I mention time consuming? Here is the Daddy playing cards or chips with the kids on the floor at the airport waiting for the back-up flight to Germany which would connect us to Turkey the next day.

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