Saturday, July 18, 2009

There’s always a WC at the cami

First things first, while on our exploration of Ankara with our friends from the USA with small children, we found ourselves (not surprisingly) needing to find a bathroom. The mommy immediately directed us to look for a mosque because:”there’s always a WC at the mosque”. Mosques are generally easy to find because of soaring minarets if not for the loud speaker during call to prayer. As parents of young children who can often provide only minimal warning in advance of a potty ‘accident’, we instantly burned this advice into our brains. It would serve us well many times during our visit. We did find that while the rule held, it was no guarantee of the cleanliness or the facilities themselves.
The first 2 photos are taken in Istanbul in or near the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet) and the 3rd is taken in Ankara in the courtyard of Kocatepe where G#3 is chasing pigeons. That was our first day in Turkey and we weren't entering the Ankara mosque so shorts were allowed. Flying stand by means that sometimes all five of us don't get on the same plane. That is what happened on this trip. I brought the twins to Turkey and Daddy followed the next day with G#1.

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