Friday, March 19, 2010

Chicago's Cultural Offerings

Not to make anyone think that this is almost a daily entry-type blog, but... I wanted to share that we are taking advantage of the cultural offerings here in our present setting/location. Despite all kinds of hindrances, the Daddy and I attended two operas in the past month. We are considering the Chicago Opera block checked off for now. That is to say, we are interested in spending more time together at a coffee spot or in travel (while it lasts) instead of managing the Metra train schedule AND the kid care challenge (but thanks Sis). So, the plan for Chicago's cultural offerings in the future will involve free entrance to art or nature museums with a picnic suppers in the evenings. This excludes kid care, because they'll be experiencing the art or other offerings with us AND it makes it possible to enjoy what this huge city has to offer us.


Sarah B. Roberts said...

Is your sister the only person who will babysit for you?

At least you tried opera! Ravinia Festival begins in a few months - it's divine there. And Renee Fleming will be there including a Sondheim gala etc.

Pursuing Wisdom said...

We have a couple of really wonderful kidsitters, but my sister is paying me back for my buying her study abroad (in the fall) plane ticket to Peru. She is also one person who is able to stay until late when we didn't get home until midnight AND her attention distracts the kids from our being gone on very special events for them.

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