Friday, April 9, 2010

African Countries Study

There are so many countries in the continent of Africa and we've looked at each one since August. This school year I have blank notebook pages printed from the file I bought at Homeschooling with Index Cards each day for each student. I bring the computer to and let them fill in the blanks of the page.  The country, its capital and flag are already colored in on the form.  We mapped major rivers, mountains and deserts. They are familiar with the oceans, seas and some lakes. Now that each page from the African section is complete we are practicing the pronunciation of country names, capital cities and any other physical feature for free at Sheppard Software

My 3Gs used this same method to become familiar with each European continent country last school year. We continue to practice the knowledge with the fun pages at Sheppard Software.  The work we did on the United States flags, state birds and capitols was the year before and not as easy to practice, but because my mom bought them a map for the car to identify license plates from differing states, they are remembering some of that knowledge.  The attempt I made at familiarizing them with the Canadian provinces wasn't so successful and I hope that some day we will improve in that area. 

Next year? Well, my sister is planning a fall semester in Peru. So, I believe that an attempt to familiarize the 3Gs with every country south of Texas and Florida is called for then.  I have the notebook forms from Homeschooling with Index Cards and will prepare to discuss more reading selections with them as well as movies and videos. We will also practice from the Sheppard Software pages because I wouldn't know exactly how to attempt many of the pronunciations. It's a plan anyway.


Anna said...

I'll help with the pronunciations :) We can just skype whenever you need help!

Amy in Peru said...

now you know us from peru too right?! that's one country down... where will she be?

amy in peru

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