Friday, April 2, 2010

"I'll take History for 1000, Alex"

Years ago I would sit and watch Jeopardy with my Grams each weekday evening.  Those people had so much useless knowledge in their brains. Or so I thought they did.  Now, I'm facing the challenge to guide my 3Gs through the ancients to the break up of the Soviet Union in four years time.  We aren't anywhere near on schedule.  In fact, I've smashed quite a bit of history into a small time since August, we've covered half of SOTW2 and we are almost through the first half of SOTW3.  Which means that we've yet to cover the second half of SOTW3 from Captain Cooke's "discovery" of Australia to SOTW4 and that fateful event when 15 republics broke apart.  I have been using narration and accompanying games as well as suggested reading, but it just seems like we're whooshing through it all so fast. Will they remember any of it? I wonder how they will handle it when they approach it from a different angle during their Logic and Rhetoric years. Do they hate/love history? Have I permanently scarred them?

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