Saturday, June 19, 2010

Latin America Next!

During the twins' kindergarten year when we brought G1 home from first grade, I guided the children through the geography of the United States using this book from Dover Publications.  We also were able to use the Homeschooling with Index Cards "Flags of the United States" files from Molly.

Since using this Dover source, I've continued to guide the children through Europe and Africa using the Homeschooling with index cards materials and with some practice from the Sheppard Softward website. 

During the twins' 3rd grade year and G1's fourth grade year, we will use the same source for Latin America from Homeschooling with index cards, but add information from Rod and Staff Publications that I found earlier this month at the conference :-)  It is the Latin American Coloring Book  and it is very age appropriate for my kids this year. We also will have lined space on some pages to notebook about library sources we find to read, both fiction and non-fiction. AND my sister will be sharing information from her trip to Peru!

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