Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WebRangers and Stepping Stones

Yesterday was a fast attack Monday with all subjects covered sufficiently before noon! We learned about Mexican independence and began to suspect news of the Alamo is around the corner. Typing is going well with Mavis Beacon and each child continues to study basic foreign language phrases with Mango freely through our library connection on-line. But the most exciting part of each day, besides the swift movement in Heeleys across the kitchen floor, is a bit of work on the National Park Service's website called Webrangers. The exercises include work in history, science and some economics. My kids are very competitive. They want to accomplish more than each other. Go to the above link and see what I mean.

Stepping stones were made from quickcrete that the Spanish-speaking Kansas house painters taught me to use about five years ago. In the picture on the right, the three round stones were made back then. The rectangular stones were made yesterday.  Yes, those ARE old toothbrushes. The middle picture has the new stones, and those need to cure a bit longer before you can see the toys that are just under the surface.
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