Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Progress through Story of the World in the Modern Age (4)

The Modern Age is fascinating to these three elementary aged kids mainly because we get to travel to interesting places. We visited London and Edinburgh at just the right time for study of Queen Victoria and everything beyond the Victorian era on the timeline. The Sepoy mutiny meant more to us after Bangladeshi and Indian food from Brick Lane on a cold, dark, rainy evening. I still can't afford to take my kids to a Japanese restaurant, but I do let my kids taste the California rolls (I know, not really sushi) when I get them from Whole Foods store.  The stories of history in Japan were helpful for my kids because I really don't study far east information. I get stuck in middle east and stay there.

We of course have visited Istanbul and some of the Ottoman sites discussed in Chapters 2 and 9 in SOTW. We plan to try for Berlin and Prague which gets us closer to the walls of Vienna where the Ottoman Turks were stopped from proceeding westward. 

We know a little about Afghanistan from our Uncle who served with is activated National Guard unit there recently.  The information about "The Great Game" was an introduction to the manipulation that takes place further in the modern history.  And of course, the discussion of Dr. Livingstone will lead to many more stories about missionaries' journeys.

Our visit to Rome last Thanksgiving was special in light of our ancients study several years ago. But, the statues and monumental buildings dedicated to Victor Emanuel I and II were excellent demonstrations from the story about Italy's "Resurrection" in SOTW Chapter 4.  And again, I don't plan to ever undertake the journey to China, but the lessons are valuable in realizing China's role today in the world market.

The Civil War was brought to life by a History Channel video about the history of U.S. But, also from our visit to Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain. Someday we are going to get out to Cantigny to see a re-enactment.  Someday.  We also visited the Museum of Appalachia near Knoxville and learned about the cast iron kettles that were kid sized which had been used to salt food/meats during the summer for use in the winter.  We do live very close to Lincoln's home and museum and will someday visit that site also.

We were reminded of the missionary families we know who serve in Argentina and one who will serve in Uruguay soon during the chapter about South America. We also look forward to news from our aunt who is studying in Peru this semester and what she has learned about the relations/history between Chile, Peru and Bolivia during her study. AND pictures of her visit to the desert described in the SOTW chapter.

The card game from Chapter seven called, "Changing Rules" was a hit for all five of us to play and learn why such dramatic changes in power made a huge difference AND were difficult to keep track of in daily life. We also plan to examine more of the German history when we try for Berlin this month.

Our visit to Promontory Point was solidified by the story of a modernizing world in Chapter eight.  We enjoyed walking around the 2 engines described in the events.  And also remember living in Johnson County Kansas where there were signs everywhere in reference to the trails westward that settlers took when they moved to the wild west.

And still that only brings us to the middle of chapter ten out of 42 chapters!  Someday, there will be an expedition to Egypt... which comes into the picture with the building of the Suez next.  And the Daddy will tell stories of standing atop his "boat" while traveling down the Suez at dusk with the call of the muezzins in the distance.  But for now, we will enjoy this homeschooling family's adventures in Egypt.

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