Wednesday, February 24, 2010

School Time in Utah

Promontory, Utah is not just somewhere you happen upon. Papa combined history and habitat in one trip. It was BRILLIANT! At this spot in May 1869, two ends of the United States of America came together. Eras ended and began. In the middle of nowhere in the high desert we did not find the golden spike (that's in the Smithsonian), but a lesson about people, goals and national ideals. So much of our study on deserts has been with pictures of plants or animals on the computer or in books, but we were north of the Great Salt Lake on Monday and there was plenty of real life desert out there! And it was cold! One of the Gs mentioned that many of the deserts in the world are dry and cold. We were there. But better to be there in February than in July- YIKES! that'd be plenty HOT!!! Our history journey has brought us to 1600s so far, but with this trip we are undaunted to travel further along and reach the mid1800s soon enough having learned so much about why this moment in history occurred.

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