Thursday, March 17, 2011

New and Amazing Discoveries


Bobo Tea

Coconut Powdered Mix
(Sri Lankan coconuts)

"Open Season" cartoon videos

"Silk" milk

An "almost" four year old's sheer, all-encompassing delight in riding the commuter train to and from downtown Chicago

Picking a mango that's not going to go to waste - lessons

IKEA thru a virgin- meatball eater's eyes

I-290 traffic from downtown Chi-town at rush hour with a farm girl behind the wheel (the Kansas license plates don't hurt either)

"How deep is the coal mine at Museum of Science and Industry, Mom?"

Home made yogurt lessons

Fannie May Mint Melt-aways.... truly amazing

All this and more from a 3 day visit with the Obie's!

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